Give a sports dynasty!

Give a sports dynasty!Russian Sergei Fesik, swimmer and Olympic medalist, during a press conference held in Penza, August 16, confirmed that he proposed Zoueva Russian swimmer, won the "silver" at the Games in 2012. Fesik reported that the first of its intention to recognize Natalia Kozlova, a trainee athlete.

Previously, it was agreed that the athlete will make the offer after the competition, regardless of the results shown. The day athlete participated in the qualifying stage of the competition and showed the fourth result. Sergey has decided to cheer his chosen and invited her to ride on the London Ferris wheel, and a declaration of love in the booth attraction, on an unforgettable background in the original setting!

Soon after this event, Zueva won her award (backstroke, 200 meters). Now the marriage depends on the resolution of the coach and the schedule of training — it's hard to carve out a free month. Information on how the wedding will be celebrated in September, swimmers denied, saying that it was too tired after the Olympics and want first to recover.

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