Global natural disaster since the Great Flood

We Russians will never forget the summer of 2010. A wave of heat, cover Russia lasted from late April to mid-August, almost without releasing and not giving weary people no respite. Mortuaries in Russian cities were crowded, but no one will give us the true statistics, how many people died from the heat, because, in contrast to the cold, dying not from the heat, and by its associated factors. Temperature 40 ° C in the shade was common to most parts of the country in July.

Accompanying heat nebyvylaya drought destroyed much of the harvest, and many springs, lakes and rivers simply dried up. Fans and air disappeared from free sale (and repeatedly rose in price) like food at end of the Soviet era. Rains intended to Russia fell in Europe and abroad have flooded it. Pakistan was the most monstrous flood on record.

In connection with this question of the causes of the continuous growth of weather anomalies on the planet Steel is not just important, but vital acquired, became a matter of life and death. How can answer this question in the official representatives of the academia and the government?

August 16, 2010 in Moscow, held a press conference presidential advisor on climate change, the president of the World Meteorological Organization Alexander Bedritsky "Abnormal weather and climate change." Asked about the reasons for the unprecedented heat wave in Russia, Mr. Bedritsky said only two magic words: "Global Warming."

And yet at first glance it may seem that Mr. Bedritsky rights. And yet at first glance it may seem — well, one could argue that Mr. Bedritsky? But only at first glance. This is only if you really are not interested in what is happening on the planet as a whole. But in general, the following occurred on the planet. If Russia and the Northern Hemisphere was a terrible heat (see Abnormal heat in the Northern Hemisphere in 2010), in the Southern Hemisphere — a record cold winter on record!

This winter in the Southern Hemisphere record was so frosty that even appeared on Wikipedia article on the subject titled "Anomalous cold in the Southern Hemisphere (2010)." However, immediately after the appearance of the article for some reason has been removed from the internet — guess why (I had to read it and it got me very impressed.) Know this, of course, you can still (see Anomalous cold in the Southern Hemisphere).

So, Mr. Bedritsky, where global warming has disappeared from the southern hemisphere? Why is winter in the southern hemisphere was not warmer than usual, not the same as usual, but a record frosty? And do not you fear, Mr. Bedritsky, on your next press conference after a regular chatter about global warming in the audience feel bad smell of rotten tomato? I vividly imagine Mr. Bedritsky, ranting about global warming in Peru at -24 ° C, when the country was due to unprecedented cold state of emergency. I am afraid that there it would just stoned.

We continue to develop our theory further.

If our hypothesis that the increase in weather events and climate Amendments on the planet is connected to the input of the solar system Nibiru is true, then, given this fact and the fact that the period of revolution around the Sun Nibiru we know (3600 years), we may conclude that analogous to pass near Earth Nibiru committed in 1600 BC, 5200 BC, 8800 BC, 12,400 BC, 16,000 BC . Oe. More. We expect that the previous pass Nibiru left behind an indelible mark on the geological record, as well as oral and written traditions of humanity. If so, then the cycles of stability and destruction in question in the mythology of many peoples of the world, get an explanation. It becomes clear why the Aztec and Mayan history of the world was divided into epochs Suns Hindu Yuga to the ancient Greeks for centuries, and the Sumerians and Babylonians — the balls (with the landing of the Anunnaki on Earth 450,000 years ago was exactly 125 balls).

Now find out what events led to the readout mythological cycles, which is the zero point of reference? The answer is obvious — the Great Flood.

The Great Flood played such a huge role in the ancient history of mankind, that in most mythologies of the world it is considered a Second Creation, in fact Rebuilding the World. Ancient Egyptians called the antediluvian period "Zep Tepi" (The original time), implying that the modern time began only after the Flood. Egyptian myth of Creation itself resembles nothing else than the restoration of the world after the Great Flood.

Creation myth Atum Ra and Khepri recorded in the "Pyramid Texts", and by the time the text of his first was carved in stone, it probably existed for a long time and was widely known. According to the "Pyramid Texts," Ra — Atum — Khepri created himself, having emerged from the chaos called Nun. Nun or Pervookean, usually depicted as the eternal vast expanse of water. Atum, appeared out of it, did not find the place where he could stay. So he created the first hill, Ben-ben. Standing on the solid ground of this island, and Ra-Atum-Khepri started to create other cosmic gods. Because he was the one, the first pair of gods, he had to give birth to himself. From the union of the first pair took the other gods, so Heliopole according to the myth, there were land and its ruling deity. An ongoing act of creation from the first pair of gods — Shu (air) and Tefnut (moisture) — were born Geb (earth) and Nut (Sky). They in turn gave rise to the two gods and two goddesses: Osiris, Seth, Isis and Nephthys. So there was the Great Nine Gods — Heliopole Ennead.

The Great Flood, whose date, cause, nature and course have been established in the previous two chapters, is the cornerstone of the system of evidence for our hypothesis.

If we take the Great Flood of the original starting point, the Mayan-Aztec era sun completely fit into our scheme. According to the Paris of the Mayan Code Suns ages were 5, and December 22, 2012 to begin the era of the Sixth Sun. However, from the time of the Great Flood was exactly five balls:

• 16 000 — 12 400 years BC;
• 12400 — 8800 BC;
• 8800 — 5200 BC ..;
• 5200 — 1600 BC;
1600 BC — 2012 AD.

Each Sun represents one ball or one period of revolution around the Sun Nibiru. Sun Maya called their age, because after each pole shift attacked 25 years of darkness, when the sun was not visible in the sky. When the sun reappeared, the Maya believed that this is the new Sun and the old died.

South Indian four, so one ball falls here. However, I will give according to the duration of the south Yukteswar:

• Satya Yuga — 4800 years;
• Third-south — 3600 years;
• Dwapara Yuga — 2,400 years;
• Kali Yuga — 1200 years
(Paul LaViolette "Ice and fire. History of a global catastrophe.", Moscow, 2008, C. 398).

We note that the third-yuga lasts 3600 years.

Now find out whether affected HPA 12,400 BC, 8800 BC, 5200 BC, 1600 BC in the geological record, archaeological sources, as well as oral and written traditions of humanity.

As for GIC 12,400 BC. And 8 800, then at the moment I do not have any evidence to that effect. Generally, these disasters are like "in the shadow" of a great disaster, which was the Great Flood. I think that in the fossil record would be difficult to separate the stratigraphic layers of the layer relating to the Great Flood — too small time intervals in the geological scale. Isolate some of the myths relating specifically to this disaster, it is impossible. All we have at the moment — is invaluable information Zetas that pole shifts in 12,400 BC and 8800 was actually took place, and about where and where to move the pole (see here ZetaTalk: Wandering Poles (Feb 15, 2002)).

As for the data of the GFC 5200 BC and 1600 BC, the situation is quite different. The data of my knowledge at this point let me say that in 5200 BC and 1600 BC really been a global natural disaster.

We start with data on HPC 5200 BC.

The main element of proof that in 5200 BC. An HPA is the so-called theory of the Black Sea flood Ryan-Pitman. I'm not going to express the essence of this theory, since it is available in Wikipedia (see the Black Sea deluge theory).

If Wikipedia states that the Black Sea flood occurred in 5600 BC, further study of the question Bulgarian scientists Petko Dimitrov and Dimitar Dimitrov gave more precise date — 5200 BC.! Link to the exact date of the flood and the Black Book of Bulgarian scientists' Black Sea Flood and ancient myths "(Sofia, 2004) is here: the Black Sea Flood: The Biblical Flood?.

The Black Sea Flood 5200 BC reflected in the ancient Greek myths as Dardania flood. According to Greek mythology, Dardanus, the name given to the Dardanelles, was the son of Atlanta, the first king of Atlantis, and Oceanides Elektra. He started on the west coast of Asia Minor in the Anatolian settlement of Dardania, which his grandson IL transformed into the city Ilion (Troy). Troy was burnt down by the Greek Achaeans at the end of the Trojan War in 1600 BC Thus, we can say that during the 124th ball (5200 BC — 1600 BC) in Anatolia prevailed and prospered Trojan civilization, which had roots Atlantic. At the same time the Atlanteans was founded Iberian kingdom with its capital Tartessos in Iberia, and the kingdom of Ea (the king who later came Eetu Jason for the Golden Fleece) on the east coast of the Black Sea. Both in Spain and in Georgia is the ancient name of the river with Iberia: Ebro in Spain and Iberia in Georgia. Also, in the Basque Country is Ea — town and municipality in Spain, in the province of Biscay in the autonomous community of the Basque Country. Basques, therefore, are direct descendants of the Iberians, and they, in turn, — the Atlanteans.

From the point of view of our theory, we argue that exactly 2 balls back (3600h2 = 7200 years ago), while the next passage of Nibiru near the Earth occurred GIC associated with a shift of the poles, as well as breakthrough salty waters of the Mediterranean to the Black Sea and the formation of the Bosporus and Dardanelles .

In 5200 BC. the colonization of man Malta, where it was discovered a large number of megalithic temples (see Doistoricheskaya_Malta). The Black Sea flood was part of the great global natural disaster that swept the globe. Here is a quote from an academic study "Earthly disaster" (original: Earthly disaster. Quaternary glaciation history):

"During the Holocene repeatedly changed his appearance sea and lake basins. These changes were due to a climatic, planetary causes and local tectonic features. Most severely affected effects of glacial unloading in Northern Europe, the Baltic Sea basin.

After the withdrawal of the glacier from South and Central Baltic occurs vast glacial basin — the Baltic glacial lake. It existed until 8213 BC, when the ice sheet that separated the lake water from the Atlantic, thawed patch, it was formed in the west Strait, and fresh water rushed through to the salty waters of the ocean. Arose Yoldia Sea (7700 — 7500 BC).

Thousands of years later the bottom of the Straits and the coast of Sweden today, freed from the glaciers, and the Baltic rises again becomes a lake fed by faster and faster melting glaciers. Water level of the lake, called the Ancylus (7200 — 6000 BC), was higher than the present 30 meters, and it occupied the territory north of Poland and Germany. Around 5,200 BC Ancylus lake water break, and there is another connection salty ocean and fresh glacier water. Born Litorinal sea is salty and warmer than the present Baltic. And then, around 2000 BC era, shallow straits again, the influence of Atlantic water weakens and gradually formed the Baltic Sea to its modern shape. "

Thus we see that in 5200 BC not only the Black Sea turned from a freshwater lake in the sea, but also the Baltic (Ancylus Lake).

Apparently, it was during the 5200 GCA BC. Doggerlend was flooded — the landmass that once connected the British Isles and continental Europe (see Doggerlend).

Most likely in 5200 BC. formed Bab? el? Mandeb. Here is what Alexander Gorbovsky in the book "Mystery of the Ancient History": "Why women? El? Mandeb, which means in translation" Gates Tears "is called that way? Tradition has it that the name given to him in memory of the great earthquake in result of which there was a gap in Asia and Africa and formed by the Red Sea., killing many people. "

Most likely in 5200 BC also formed the Bering Strait. Beringia, the land isthmus between Chukotka and Alaska, was flooded with water, and people are no longer able to move overland to North America from Eurasia.

Sumerians first Ubeydskogo period together with the culture of Samarra (see Samarrskaya culture) appeared in Mesopotamia in 5200 BC Here he writes about this Graham Hancock:

"The period of Samarra took place about 7500 years ago. It is named in honor of widespread pottery style, created, wrote Roe," suddenly appeared culture that suddenly bloomed in the middle reaches of the Tigris in the second half of the sixth millennium BC " There is evidence … that the people of this culture was used irrigation techniques to grow more wheat, barley and flax, as well as spacious houses built of adobe bricks — the latest in a historic Sumer, this method became the lead in the construction of cities and temples.

Besides Samarra was discovered several other proto-cultural phases, when the elements of a future civilization of Sumer gradually acquired its shape and became more and more apparent. Two of these phases are notable are the archaeological point of view. The first — the so-called "ubeydsky period" (from about 7200 to about 5500 years ago). This period is the first temple in Eridu. "(Graham Hancock," The puzzle of sunken civilizations ", Moscow, 2008, C. 38).

GIC associated with the passage of Nibiru through the solar system, is always accompanied by an explosion of volcanic activity. 7200 years ago, erupting volcano Elbrus. Scientists have found evidence that suggests that today Elbrus is on the eve of the eruption (see Vulcan named Elbrus).

Here is what the American scientist Paul LaViolette Catastrophists on one of the fragments of CPC 5200 BC. :

"To some it may seem incredible that the legend tells of the events that took place thousands of years ago, at the end of the Ice Age, were able to verbally get to this day, in fact, many times reflected in the folk traditions that have taken place in prehistoric geological disasters received scientific confirmation. And it proves that the oral stories of the tragic events can be passed through generations. And an example of this — Mazamet volcano in southwest Oregon, the strongest since the end of the Ice Age.

Approximately 7200 years ago by the eruption blew the top of this mountain, resulting in a water-filled caldera, now known as Crater Lake. This eruption is not much different from what happened in the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens in southwestern Washington State, only that it was much stronger, was thrown into the air more than 40 cubic miles of ash.

In Klamath Indians living near the crater lake, there is a legend that says that this was the peak of the mountain once and it was the home of the leader of the underground world. It says that once the chief became angry and began to spew fire and ash on the people living in the valleys, with earth heaving. Then the top of the mountain disappeared, there are only a huge hole to fill, after many years, rain water. A geological event made by the Indians at the time such a strong impression that the memory of it remained for more than 7000 years. "(Paul LaViolette" Ice and fire. History of a global catastrophe. ", Moscow, 2008, C. 228).

But not only Crater Lake in southwestern Oregon was formed by a volcanic eruption in 5200 BC, the lo In the same year the eruption formed the southern Kuril Lake Kamchatka Peninsula. Geologists of the Moscow State University. University and the Institute of Volcanology and Seismology estimated amount of volatile substances emitted to the atmosphere in this, and concluded that the eruption of the Kurile Lake (this event is called in geology so) had a very significant impact on the climate.

The work carried out under the guidance of doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences Plechova Paul, published in the "Proceedings of the Academy of Sciences." The eruption Kurile Lake caldera was formed, that is a hefty cone area of 76 km2. Total emission was 140-170 km3. Scientists compared the chemical composition of rocks that existed prior to the eruption, and the composition of rocks that formed after it, and determined that the volcano released into the atmosphere of at least 3.7 * 1012 kg of water, 4.3 * 1010 kg of chlorine, 8.6 * 109 kg fluoride and 2.6 * 1010 kg of sulfur. Water vapor forms clouds, which connects most of the separated substances that can cause acid rain in the weeks following the eruption. Dense clouds also significantly reduce the permeability of the atmosphere to solar radiation, but this effect is of short duration and is local. A much greater effect on climate education in long-lived stratospheric sulfate aerosols: they reflect the sun's rays, and this leads to a cooling of the Earth's surface. It was found that emissions of the Kurile Lake flew to Greenland. This fact indicates the planetary effect produced by the eruption (source).

One of the most impressive evidence of the correctness of the theory developed here are ancient Tamil chronicle of Kumari Kandam, an ancient kingdom that was located in the southern part of the Indian sub-continent, now submerged (see Kumari Kandam). According to Tamil chronicles the history of civilization Kumari Kandam, like the Sumerian and Egyptian, has its roots in the antediluvian past Earth. Tamil chronicles preserved invaluable information about the seven Sangam (Academy), created by the gods in this country for education of humanity. The activity of each of the first six Sangam interrupted disaster, but after the accident Sangam reconstitute and resumed his work for the benefit chelolvechestva. The current official academic science recognizes only the historicity of the last Sangama, declaring the previous six mythical.

But here is what Graham Hancock, analyzing the dating of the last three Sangam:

"If we do agree with the often mentioned the date of disappearance of this third Sangama — 350 — 550 years BC. Oe., It will give us a reference point from which to build the entire history of this myth:

If we subtract from 350 AD 1850 years — the duration of the Third Sangama, you get 1500 BC (That is, 3,500 years ago);

If from 1500 BC take 3,700 years — the duration of the existence of the second Sangama — then we will be in 5200 BC (7200 years ago):

If you take away from 5200 BC 4440 years — the duration of the existence of the first Sangama — then we will be in 9600 BC (11,600 years ago).

9600 BC — The date of establishing the first Sangama (or 9800 — 9400 years. BC c possible spread) agreed well with the date of Plato, denotes the destruction of Atlantis — 9600 BC

The question arises: how could Plato 2500 years ago and Nakirar least 1,500 years ago, randomly select one and the same year — 9600 BC, defining one — time disappeared under the waves of the Atlantic Ocean great civilization of Atlantis, and the other — the first base Sangama in Kumari Kandam — doomed land in the Indian Ocean, which was to be absorbed by its waves? "

(Graham Hancock, "The puzzle of sunken civilizations", Moscow, 2008, p.223)

So, what we see from the above chronology of the last three Sangam?

In 5200 BC the first Sangam was destroyed by the flood, and was absorbed by the sea Tenmaduray along with much of the land of Kumari Kandam. Right after that was based Kavatapurame second Sangam. In the same year, waters of the Mediterranean made a breakthrough in the Black Sea, which was previously a freshwater lake, and the waters of Lake Ancylus broke into the North Sea with the formation of the Baltic Sea. The waters of the North Sea flooded Doggerlend and formed the British Isles. As a result of the terrible earthquake formed Bab? El? Mandeb, break the neck of land between Asia and Africa. At the same time, apparently, most of the ejected volcanic planet. This happened exactly 2 balls back (3600h2 = 7200 years) during the year before last passage of Nibiru in the solar system.

Before last pole shift on Earth accompanied by a disaster such a grand scale that the father of church history, Eusebius of Caesarea (263 — 340 years.) Marked the 5200 BC as the year of creation.

If we made two adjustments to the chronology of the Sangam, and assume that the third Sangam ceased to function in the year 250 BC, and the existence of the second Sangama define in 3600 years, we get the date of the previous HPA — 1600 BC This date is so certain, but the evidence in favor of it so much that it allows me to make the next chapter to reconstruct the great global natural disasters in 1600 BC and show its influence on the majority of peoples and civilizations of our then Earth.

Igor Smorodin

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