GLONASS will be in South Africa

Agreement to install stations in Africa today signed the presidents of Russia and South Africa. In addition, they adopted a declaration on strategic partnership, accepted the agreement on cooperation in the field of energy and safety, an agreement on mutual recognition of documents on education and academic degrees.


Photo: © AFP

Russia and South Africa signed after talks between the two leaders —Vladimir PutinandJacob Zuma— A package of documents on cooperation.

In particular, in the territory of the republic will be established quantum-optical system to increase the accuracy of GLONASS signal reception in the southern hemisphere. A few months ago, Russia has agreed to install GLONASS stations on the territory of another Member State of the BRICS — Brazil.

The GLONASS — the Russian alternative to the worldwide navigation standard GPS, which was designed primarily to address the country's security. However, it finds use in civilian navigation, and by the high accuracy and speed alarm is very competitive in this area.

A space center in South Africa will be used to receive data from the Russian satellite project "Radioastron". Federal Space Agency and the South African Space Agency signed a cooperation agreement in the field of astrophysical research on this project.

In addition, the approved program of cooperation between the Cabinet of Ministers of joint cultural projects for 2013-2016.

The group of companies "Renova" has signed with its business partners and Lazarus Mbete Robinson Ramana memorandum on the establishment of ferroalloys, and now "Inyanga Energy Investments" Russian Corporation will cooperate in the field of solar energy and supply solar panels.

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