Gomelavia no longer flies

From now on, Republican Unitary Enterprise "Airline Gomelavia" ceased all its scheduled flights. In particular, closed operations on the route "Gomel-Minsk-1", "Minsk-1-Kaliningrad", "Grodno-Kaliningrad."

As theand "Gomelavia", the last flight to Kaliningrad was performed yesterday. Napavnyalnasts aircraft accounted for almost three-quarters of the possible. Who bought tickets potential passengers asked to sit in those offices, where they were bought.

In the aviation companies are asking to support the team, because without work are one hundred and fifty pilots and maintenance personnel. Besides flights between Gomel and Minsk were the only domestic routes that existed in the country. Most likely, to get on the plane in Kaliningrad, and Gomel, Grodno and will now have to travel by train and bus to the national airport.

According to experts Gomel, Department of Aviation of the Ministry of Transport and Communications said the existence of a regional airline profitable. Flights to Kaliningrad allegedly could easily implement a national company "Belavia". Will they start from Gomel, while it is not known.



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