Gorkovsky fishery (Yamal) spent stocking the lake

Gorkovsky fishery (s.Gorki, Shuryshkarsky district, Yamal) conducted an experiment by stocking the lake. The Deputy Director of the Department of agriculture, trade and food Yamal Vladimir Tverdovskiy. He said that in the area chosen Shuryshkar lake with clear water and good forage base. The lake is not zamornoe, that is, during the winter it hit the keys, the water remains fresh. Scientists have confirmed the biological rationale for selection. The task was to minimize the number of predators in the lake — perch and pike.
"There is a worldwide practice: to create the conditions for future offspring, predators in the lakes just poison, and then populate that they want. And no great damage that does not happen — explained Vladimir Tverdovskiy. — But the company went the other way. Monoplenkoy cut off part of the lake and small network and fished there perch and pike. Now the helicopter was brought to the pond larvae peled lake, and can only wait for the result. Widespread breeding of fish in the lakes on the Yamal Peninsula, according to Deputy Director of the Department, holding back the weather conditions. In the north of the Lake District are still covered with ice. "It is very good at developing fish farming, for example, the Kurgan region, — said Vladimir Tverdovskiy. — There are many lakes, they are shallow, warm, good food base. Planting material taken at the fish plant in Abalak. In the spring the larvae start peled in the lake, and the fall has already caught the so-called sigoletok three hundred and fifty grams. Grow fish on them does not work, Lake zamornye and winter freeze. But teenagers peled go and entry of fresh, frozen, cured, smoked. " We fish will grow to marketable, adulthood. Such lakes in the area will soon be a lot, they will re-roll the fishing crews, and processed in the village. To increase the capacity of fishery will soon finish building a new pier and ice storage.

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