Gorky Railway purchased 10 new locomotives

Gorky Railway purchased 10 new locomotives. Locomotives locomotive EP1M now on the locomotive depot Krasnoufimsk and is currently being tested. Costs for the purchase of new equipment amounted to 595.8 million rubles.

Electric issued Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant. Features locomotive EP1M exceed specifications of locomotives previous generation — locomotive CS4T Czech production and domestic VL60PK. Composition may lead locomotive EP1M more weight (24 car instead of 17), while maintaining a speed of 70 km / h in areas with a rise of 9 ‰. New locomotives are designed for driving "one person", ie Only a machinist, without an assistant. Electric locomotive EP1M equipped with modern microprocessor control system ASUB "Locomotive", designed to ensure the safety of trains, auto mode control, diagnose vehicles and equipment as well as monitoring and control equipment and electric units. This increases the reliability of the locomotives.

The expected reduction in operating costs due to the use of the system ASUB can reach 30%. In addition, the regenerative braking system installed on the locomotive EP1M, allows you to return to the contact network of the electricity consumed in the draft. As a result of saving the return is from 5% to 10% (depending on the profile of the path).

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