Gosexpertiza approved the draft of the second phase of the Annunciation CHP

Holding "RAO Energy System of East" (part of RusHydro) has received the endorsement of the state examination for the construction of the second phase of the Annunciation CHP.

Annunciation CHP generation capacity expansion will be carried out with the target funds totaling 50 billion rubles, the state transferred to JSC "RusHydro" for energy development of the Far East in order to pay for the additional issue in accordance with the presidential decree of November 22, 2012.

The investment program RusHydro "4 x 4" in the Far East until the end of 2016 (four years) will be built and put into operation four major energy facility total electrical capacity of over 0.5 GW of thermal capacity and 563 Gcal / h — CHP Sovetskaya Gavan, Khabarovsk Territory, the first phase of the Sakhalin-2 power plant, the first turn of Yakutsk GRES-2, and the second phase of the Annunciation CHP. Entering these facilities will provide a substantial increase in power generation capacity in the Far East, which will become a strong base for further economic development of the region.
The package approved by the FAA "Glavgosexpertiza" construction documents will be handed over to the customer RAO ES of the East-builder — a specially created company ZAO "Annunciation CHP" (100%-owned subsidiary RusHydro). Currently RusHydro provides legal registration of the company with the authorities of the Amur region. After receiving the certificate of registration of JSC "Annunciation CHP" will begin tender process to select a general contractor and equipment suppliers.

To ensure maximum transparency of the mechanism of budget funds between JSC "RusHydro" and OJSC "Sberbank" signed an agreement on banking supervision of the construction of electric power facilities in the Far East, under which each party building (JSC "RusHydro" and its subsidiaries, the general contractor, subcontractor) will be open separate bank account for the calculation supply equipment and services, construction and installation, and other contract work. Price and technology audit and compliance analysis of technical solutions implemented project documentation for the construction of each facility will provide an independent engineering company. All payments for completed work will be carried out only in the presence of a positive opinion of the company.

Today the power plant that provides heat to 85% of the residents and businesses of Blagoveshchensk, running at maximum capacity. Nepokryvaemy shortage of thermal power is about 110 Gcal / h. This seriously hampers the construction of new housing and community facilities in the capital of the Amur region.

As part of the expansion will be achieved by increasing the station electric power station from 280 to 400 MW of thermal power — from 817 to 1005 Gcal / h. TEP will be satisfied construction of one steam turbine electric power of 120 MW and a thermal capacity of 188 Gcal / h, as well as a steam boiler steam capacity of 420 t / h In addition, the device provides new engineering networks and communications, as well as renovation of existing ones.

Implementation of the project for the construction of the second stage of the Annunciation CHP will satisfy the growing demand for electricity and heat in the Amur region, increase the efficiency and reliability of heat supply system by replacing retiring capacities unprofitable boiler Blagoveshchensk.

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