Gosexpertiza Kazakhstan approved the project KOTES upgrade 500 kV outdoor switchgear GRES-1

KOTES received a positive opinion of the state of the Republic of Kazakhstan expertise for the modernization of 500 kV outdoor switchgear GRES-1 to them. Bulat Nurzhanova.

The project provides for the replacement of obsolete equipment (such as switching and transformer) to a new, modern and high tech.

The station will be installed equipment of world leaders. In order to improve the reliability of power plant, the modernization will be carried division Spāre nnyh blocks № № 5-6 and № № 7-8 connecting each of the four separate blocks to buses 500 kV outdoor switchgear, which provides an extension to the two cells. In addition, the project is based reconstruction of the fence and exterior lighting, as well as a complex system of video surveillance and security alarm.

According to expert opinion, the project of 500 kV outdoor switchgear comply with government regulations on health, environmental and industrial safety, functional purpose of the object. Implementation of the project will significantly increase the reliability of electrical networks in Northern Kazakhstan.

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