Gosznak made the new money for Angola


FSUE "Goznak" commissioned by the National Bank of the Republic of Angola has developed a design of nine denominations and four denominations of coins, told reporters on Wednesday the company's director Arkady Trachuk. Thus, the updated series of all money of the country.

As said A.Trachuk designed Goznak new series of the Republic of Angola money transferred to the customer, and the customer has released it into circulation.


The first shipment of finished products was carried out in December 2012, at the beginning of 2013 the new banknotes and coins were put into circulation. Completion of work is expected in late 2015.

Earlier A.Trachuk reported that total sales Goznaka about 10% of foreign sales accounted for about 90% — in the territory of the Russian Federation. He noted that in 2013, a slight decline is expected needs of the main Russian customers, so the ratio will change somewhat in favor of foreign supplies.

According to the director Goznaka, the company expands its range and exports. For example, last year appeared in the geography of Latin America, the bill has been prepared for Guatemala. A previously Goznaka focus on the Middle East.

This year, the bill also printed in Yemen and Lebanon.

The bulk of exports Goznaka of banknote paper, banknote ready, in addition, the export of technology available. So, technology Goznaka sold in Indonesia and Egypt.

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