Graphene paper, Yakut cosmetics and other successes of the Yakut innovators

Five gold and three silver medals — that is the result of the Yakut innovators working visit to the International forum of innovative development of "Open Innovation" and two exhibition «OpeninnovationExpo-2012" and the 6th international biotech "RosBioTech 2012."  

  • Photos from the show OpeninnovationExpo-2012
  • Photos from the show OpeninnovationExpo-2012

It should be noted that such a forum in Russia for the first time and, since 2012, will become permanent. The business program of the global event was attended by over 4,000 participants, 350 companies from 15 countries. Guests of the exhibition presented more than 1,000 of the latest innovations. Partners of the Forum were the leading institutions of innovative development of global importance, such as JSC "RUSNANO" Skolkovo Foundation and other large organizations.

Republic submitted to the contest several areas of innovation. This is the technology of the multigraph and graphene paper by chemical methods, polymer nanocomposites for extreme conditions, "Mechano-biological preparations for medical, therapeutic, preventive and food purposes, on the basis of the northern plant materials — moss", "Biotechnology innovation and product processing sectors of economic activity traditionally Indigenous Peoples of the North ", and" Biologics for the restoration of contaminated ecosystems in the Far North. " Note that all development received awards.



Of particular interest among the participants of the Forum called development projects Yakutia scientists — graphene and packing (for long term storage of fruits and vegetables), paper presented UNTL "Graphene nano" in NEFU and FGAOU VPO "NEFU them. MK Ammosova. " Note that this project is unique and has been very popular.

Help "VP"

In May of this year on the basis of NEFU opened only in the Russian laboratory "Graphene nanotechnology." The scientists plan to produce the first batch of graphene paper, which is 6 times lighter and 10 times stronger than steel. And because of its environmental friendliness and low cost of production, it can oust both metals and effective but expensive carbon composites. According to the scientists lab, graphene will soon be widely used in the medical field. During the 2013 production of this innovative product will be established. 

Received a lot of offers to purchase and manufacture multigrafenovyh films. But for this development has become a brand, it became necessary to certify the product and buy more powerful equipment to manufacture graphene in large quantities. On the issue of certification and the purchase of equipment considering proposals from the Center "RUSNANO" Company "NANOCERTIFICA" and a number of other large companies.


            No less successful and in demand of steel and other Yakut development. The most effective was the production and exhibition of ZAO Naoki "Taba", which caused a great response from the participants. He entered a huge stream of proposals for the exit line of cosmetics at European level, as well as the registration of international patents. "What we have achieved is a great success! We did not expect that to us in the amount of received proposals from international partners. We will continue to develop! "- Said in his speech, Chief Scientific Officer of Konstantin Stepanov. A dietary supplement "Tabapan" brought the country another gold medal.

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Company Naoki "Taba" deals not only with the implementation of the workpiece and the products of antlers, horns, fight, meat. From August 2010 to issue the certificate of dietary supplements and hygiene products, each of which is unique and patented. The company "Taba" under the brand name YCL (Yakut cosmetic line) for today are designed and produced several types of products on the basis of reindeer antlers.


YAKUT bioengineering: "Our designs have become a unique"

Yakutia — a special region of Russia. Here, everything is specific. For example, in the European part of the country's planners and surveyors working on long-proven standards. But their colleagues in the North, in addition to general questions, you need to take into consideration the typical local conditions. This was shared representative of the Institute of Oil and Gas Problems SB RAS Larissa Erofeevsky. "Bitehnikami done tremendous research. Our products are unique, especially if used after the accident elimination of petroleum products. We have established contacts with the Russian Ministry of Defense, Iraq and Iran. Cooperation is planned in terms of training their professionals in our environment, "- she said.

The "Cleanup of oil pollution biological agents" brought to the collection of the republic silver medal.


Forward to the future!

In addition, at a press conference presented their achievements and other businesses — Directorate park "Yakutia", JSC "Mechano biotechnology and other agencies, which are also presented their important projects that were claimed and received proposals for further partnerships.

As the chairman of the State Committee of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Innovation Policy and Science Maxim Trofimov, Yakutia aroused great interest of many participants. "We compared the Forum from the point of view of the organization and invited experts and realized that on the whole our country is actively developing. Our participation in the Moscow Innovation Forum was a curious experience. It is interesting and useful to see how such large-scale events organized by, share experiences, make plans for the future. And it should be noted, our projects are extracting a lot of interest among the other participants. Development projects were in demand. There were a number of interesting proposals on cooperation — ended on an optimistic note of a press conference Maxim Kravchuk. — Concluded more than 30 cooperation agreements with companies from Russia, Europe, the Baltic States and Asia, including such monsters of world size as JSC "RUSNANO" Skolkovo Fund, the fund Bortnick, Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, LLC "Rosoboronexport". If we consider that the Forum is held in Russia for the first time, then, for our country is not even very bad results. "

Only wish Yakut innovators to further advance and success. After all, for them, is not only the future of the republic, and the country as a whole.


   Natalia Alexeeva

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