Greif CIS began assembling steel drums on technology KDD

In January 2013 the launch of a unique line ofsteel drums of blanks (Knock-down drums, KDD), Greif developed by experts. The new plant is located in the city of Shymkent in the Enterprise High Industrial Lubricants &Liquids Corporation.

HILL Corporation— The first and only factory to produce world-class lubricants on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.As part of this joint project,Ltd. "Greif Perm"manufactures and supplies blanks, which are the Company's specialists HILL Corporation in Shymkent are assembled steel drums. In this case, Greif has his partner technical support for the equipment and the quality of collected barrels.

KDD technology can significantly reduce transport costs in the delivery ofSteel drumover long distances. Compared with the traditional method of delivery (250 empty drums placed in the vehicle), at substantially lower logistics costs for the assembly line can be delivered to about 1,000 sets (body, lid and bottom) of tightly packed pieces. After entering on the production site, blanks are unpacked, the build drum and check for leaks.


The build system of billet steel drums is interesting primarily for companies that need relatively small batches of barrels, as well as in areas where aggregate demand does not justify the creation of a full-scale plant for the production of this type of industrial packaging. Greif similar project implemented in South Africa in the enterpriseGreif South Africa (Pty) Limited.

The partnership with Greif produces HILL Corporation of high quality barrels in the right quantity, at the same time optimizing internal and external logistics costs, reduce storage costs of finished drums (blank occupy much less space), and to reduce to zero the risk of lack of barrels in the enterprise because of errors supplier. In the future, the company Greif and HILL Corporation plans to increase the volume collected in Shymkent steel drums for their own use of HILL Corporation, as well as other manufacturers of chemical and petrochemical products in Kazakhstan.

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