Grodno on the Polish map

"Pole's Card" in Belarus began to issue three years ago in the Polish consulates. The law "On the Pole's Card" Polish Sejm adopted in September 2007 and entered into force on it in six months. Today "card Pole" is easy to obtain the opposition party Union of Poles who support Poland. Figures of the same pro-regime Union, which is headed by Stanislav Semashko, on the contrary, rely on it may not.

Grodnenets Andrew Dubikovsky says that today is not related to the pro-governmental Union of Poles, but before he edited a newspaper, so for "Pole's Card" is not even addressed:

"Pole's Card" — almost the document EU …

"I am from the words of those comrades that destroyed the Union of Poles — an" enemy of the Polish state and ally Lukashenko dictatorship "that absolute nonsense. And by "Polish Card" as a person a positive attitude and believe that it meets all international standards. "Pole's Card" — almost the EU document. Simply, it is also used in a variety of political games. I have no change, I was born to a Polish family, my mom, dad, grandparents, great-grandparents, all Poles. I feel like a Pole first, but I am a citizen of the Republic of Belarus. "

Ian Roman belongs to the opposition Union of Poles and has a "map of the Pole." What she gives him personally?

"A man who has a" Polish Charter, "is an annual visa and can 365 days in the territory of Poland. Besides — insurance, and do not need to explain Polish border guards, for what purpose you're going. Polish national visa issued free of charge, and it gives the right visit the countries of the Schengen zone. "

Grodnenets elderly Witold Ivanovsky helping a friend to collect documents for "Polish Card". Is it true that some Belarusians too eager to get a "map of the Pole"?

"You know, they — the local. So, as the local Poles, they both Poles and Belarusians. This is difficult. Unable abroad: either — or. Same Miscavige himself believed, and the Poles, and Litwin."

Many of those who live with the border trade, sought to get faster, "Polish Charter," said Mr. Ivanovski:

"I think so: many of the mercantile proceeded, it entitles you to easily get a visa. Some of the border live just do not work anywhere, and just go back and forth and bad feeling."

Witold himself Ivanovsky to "map the Pole" in no hurry, though has reason to count on it:

"For example, I was born when she was Poland. Further five years he lived in Poland. And then I" liberated from Polish oppression. "

Grodnenets Ian Roman says it was not difficult to get a "map of the Pole":

"There is a birth certificate, which states that my parents are Polish. Had a conversation with the consul: I speak the Polish language, I have some knowledge of history, and two months later received a "map of the Pole."

Ian Roman says "Polish Charter" can get anyone who will confirm their Polish origin — enough stamps in the passport that you Polish by nationality. And the birth certificate need to be recorded that one of the parents — a Pole.

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