Groundhog Day in the U.S.

Groundhog Day (Groundhog Day) is celebrated in the U.S. on February 2.

According to legend, on this day we have to carefully monitor the groundhog, crawls out of his hole, to find out when spring comes. If the groundhog sees his shadow — ie if the day is sunny — marmot hides back to the burrow, and winter will continue for six weeks. If the animal does not see his shadow — ie overcast day — spring will be early.

This tradition dates back to the German rites. True, they are not part groundhog and badger, and the behavior of animals is not followed in February and in March. Badger compete in predicting the weather in Europe were also bears, hedgehogs, that is, those animals that the winter hibernate. The tradition was imported by European settlers in the United States.

Until the mid 80? S of the XIX century, Groundhog Day was just a sign of, but the February 2, 1886 in the town of Punxsutawney (Punxsutawney) in Pennsylvania in the local newspaper appeared humorous note: "Today is Groundhog Day, and, according to data obtained by our correspondents, animal did not see his shadow. So, spring will come soon. "

The article also mentioned the best place where the groundhog to predict the weather is best — turkey hill on the outskirts of the city. The following year, on February 2 where a crowd of local residents, eager to know the weather forecast. Then the city news editor Clymer Fries, again jokingly announced a panksatonskogo Groundhog Club. At the beginning of 1888 to build a house on Groundhog turkey hill.

Name an animal picked up immediately. At first it was just a "groundhog from Punxsutawney," later called him Pete, and then became a groundhog Phil. The official name woodchuck is: Phil of Punxsutawney (Punxsutawney Phil) — Seer of Seers, Sage of Sages, a predictor of the predictors and the outstanding visionary weather. The town of Punxsutawney has a proud name "World Capital of the weather."

Annual ceremony Feb. 2 violates animal hibernation. The celebration begins at night by loud music and the roar of fireworks. Exactly twenty-five minutes past seven in the morning in front of thousands of people watching the spectacle of both live and on television and the World Wide Web, the members of the "Club of Friends of Phil", dressed in tuxedos and cylinders, pulling out of a marmot burrows, and he makes his forecast.

Phil then placed on a special stage, so that everyone could see him, followed by a photo session and a tour of the city center, where the holiday festivities. Only at the end of the day, Phil returns home.

Beginning in 2010, in Punxsutawney began selling tickets to "Breakfast with Phil," where guests can not only take photographs awakened marmot, but to offer him nut. And now you can get Phil's forecast as sms to mobile phone.

In recent years, Groundhog Day in the United States has acquired a modern "green" sound. A number of environmental organizations and animal protection societies expressed outrage custom to wake the sleeping animal, arguing that it is harmful to his body, and plenty of public photos? drives and cameras marmot nervous stress.

Not wanting to interrupt the folk tradition, animal rights offering as a compromise instead of live groundhog used fake or make a robot. Several zoos, which contain these U.S. weather forecasters said they would not celebrate Groundhog Day on humanitarian grounds.

Phil of Punxsutawney — not only in the United States groundhog that predicts the weather. For example, Chuck from Staten? Eylandt Zoo (Staten Island Chuck) — the official groundhog? Meteorologist New? York. He began his predictions in 1981.
Has its marmots? Meteorologists in Canada. The most authoritative of Shubenakeydi Sam (Shubenacadie Sam) in Nova Scotia, and Willy from the town Uayrton (Wiarton Willie) in the province of Ontario, which is held in honor of the annual festival.

The material is based on the RIA Novosti and open source

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