Group ENERGOPROM launched mass production holodnonabivnyh

ENERGOPROM Group has commissioned production workshop holodnonabivnyh masses at the Novosibirsk Electrode Plant (hereinafter — NovEZ). Production will allow the company to produce up to 20,000 tons per year of new products. Expanding the product line will further strengthen the Group's position in domestic and overseas markets. In particular, ENERGOPROM provide up to 18% of world demand in holodnonabivnoy thermally conductive contact mass.

The project on the organization of production on the basis of mass holodnonabivnyh NovEZ ENERGOPROM implemented by the Group as part of a corporate strategy that includes each of the Group specialize in the production of certain products.

The project was launched in mid-2011. Since then, the company's specialists managed to solve a wide range of issues on the development of technical documentation, acquisition and installation of equipment, to the conclusion of contracts for the supply of raw materials and staff training. ENERGOPROM the Group's investment in the project exceeded $ 2 million.

For mass production holodnonabivnyh NovEZ was built on a fully automated production line. Using the latest technology has allowed the company to bring the production of this product to the next level. Holodnonabivnye mass produced at the Novosibirsk Electrode Plant, meet the highest quality standards and can be used for the installation and repair of aluminum electrolytic types.

Sergei Ulianchenko, Director of Production and Technical Development Group ENERGOPROM, said: "The decision to open a new production at the NovEZ due to the growing demand for high-quality holodnonabivnye weight of the aluminum industry. Increase in their demand for these products is associated with a gradual increase in the current strength in the production of aluminum and more intense flow of materials. The diversification of the product portfolio Energoprom promotes the release of the Group into new markets. Launching a new product also improves the company's competitiveness through the implementation of integrated supply lining cells, including hearth graphite, graphite, silicon carbide and amorphous side blocks holodnonabivnye nizkousadochnuyu and thermally conductive contact mass. We will continue to work on improving the performance of these products to meet the demand in the aluminum industry in quality raw materials. "


Group ENERGOPROM, one of the leading non-oil sector of the Russian economy. It is part of the "Renova". The Company conducts business globally, supplying more than 50% of production is exported. The group is among the five largest world producers of carbon and graphite products. The Company manages three electrode plant: Novocherkassk, Novosibirsk and Chelyabinsk, high-tech manufacturing an electrode and cathode products, the main consumers of which are producers of steel, aluminum, silicon and ferro-alloys.


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