Group of Companies New Technologies has developed an ejection tower high performance

Group of companies "New Technology" is the latest development in the field of industrial refrigeration — gimp ejection tower "Oktograd", which has no analogues in Russia or abroad. It is an alternative to a tower and fan cooling towers high performance feature small dimensions (with similar performance), a minimum period of construction, economical consumption of water and electricity, fire safety. Separately, we note that the cost of the cooling tower is much less than the cost of traditional solutions with similar performance. To date, this is the only ejection tower, capable of cooling such large volumes of recycled water.


A similar set of features makes this development a truly unique and innovative. When compared with the standard of the cooling tower cooling tower, we have identified the following benefits: HT-4000 "Oktograd" takes up 74% less space on the premises, provides 18.5% more heat removal and 7.2% greater temperature differential heated and cooled water. All those interested can view the detailed Comparison of the cooling tower and cooling tower "Oktograd".

In conclusion, we note that due to design features "Oktograda" achieved significant savings of energy and water resources, which is especially important in light of the federal law "On energy saving and energy efficiency", adopted in 2009. In the development of our cooling tower specialists focused on the needs of large industrial enterprises and the CHP, which is why this decision is not only economical, but also high reliability, coupled with ease of maintenance.

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