Group of Companies New Technologies has received a review of ZAO Izhora Pipe Plant»

In 2012, in connection with the expansion of production at the Izhora Pipe Plant, a group of "New Technology" project was developed and produced works modernization of the ejection cooling tower in order to increase its productivity while maintaining the existing temperature gradient. In addition, the specialists of the engineering center was installed additional pumping equipment, process control systems, water tank and piping replacement for stainless steel tubing.  

Thanks to the quality of the works, in April 2013, we received Thanksgiving review of the work doneof JSC "Severstal — Izhora Pipe Plant." Especially high in it was rated the quality and speed of our experts, who were able to upgrade for a scheduled repair. We are pleased that a leading manufacturer of large-diameter pipes praised our work and look forward to further cooperation as a "Izhora Pipe Plant" and with concern "Severstal".

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