Gruzoborot NSR has already exceeded 2012 by 19%

Trucking in the Northern Sea Route along the Russian coast of the Arctic have already surpassed 2012 by 19% to 1.5 million tons, continuing to grow. The past year showed an increase of 53% to 1.26 million tons.

The government has allocated 47.3 billion rubles for the reconstruction of ports, piers, with the deepening of the fairways and approach channels. Private firms have invested in construction for more than 60 billion rubles.

Earlier on shallow routes NSR can follow a trial class Aframax (75.000 tons), but now the Russian can make a profit from shipping class Suezmax (162.000 tons / 1,200,000 barrels of oil) a draft of 13.5 meters due to hydrological survey of the north of the New Siberian Islands, made a discovery-pass.

Russian navigation also increased the NSR to 5 months, a month longer than before.

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