Guryevsky Steel — the patriarch of the Siberian metallurgy

More than 195 years on the market of metal

Guryevsky metallurgical plant — the oldest steel company in Siberia, founded in 1816.

Initiating the industrialization of Kuzbass, Guryevsky Steel Works thanks continuous development and reconstruction dynamically blended into the modern system of the steel industry.

Consumers of the products of the plant are the enterprises of both Russia and Iran, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Azerbayzhdana, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Belarus and others.

Climb after all the chaos and stagnation, to find not only the second, third life, but also, of course, a certain uniqueness, the plant was able, thanks, above all, people — talented, purposeful, persistent, willing to take risks and even self-sacrifice for the cause, endowed qualities such as strong will, innovation and fortitude.




Steelmaking Gurievsky steel plant is represented by two open-hearth furnaces, capable of producing up to 210,000 tons of steel per year.

Today Gurievskaya steelmakers increase production levels through the use of technological innovations, equipment manufacturing instrumentation devices, the use of fire-resistant materials with increased strength.



Section rolling production equipped with a reduction stands "700" and the camp of "500/400", located in two lines.

Finished products supplied to the rack refrigerator, is cut into segments of fixed length cutting saws, hot or cold press cutting. All structural shapes passes correction for rolepravilnyh machines. Finished products are packed with special metal tape and plastic tags labeled with a bar code.



Ball-rolling production equipped with two ball-rolling complex with a total capacity of 200,000 tons per year.

16% -23% of the mineral raw materials in Russia and the CIS today is ground balls produced in Gurievsk. A wide range of products allows mining and processing, cement and other businesses to set optimal parameters of the mills at all stages of grinding. Russia's only Guryevsky Metallurgical Plant produces balls with a diameter of 25 mm, which are used in the gold mining industry.



From 2007 to the present, of "Guryevsky Steel Works" quality management system for the design and production of long products, steel grinding balls and rods in the certification SAI GLOBAL LIMITED, Certification Association "Russian Register" and IQNet.

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