Hand grenade can become safer

For the first time in nearly 100 years in the design of a hand grenade can happen configurations for the more benign mass appeal with this tool, reports Cnews.ru.

Recall that the first grenade, ammunition arm and fuse with the slowdown, the military met in 1915. Since the design of the weapon is actually did not undergo configurations.

South American engineer Richard Lauce from Picatinny Arsenal has been found to improve the conventional method of the grenade, making it more harmless in the appeal.

Hand grenade can become safer
Vertiginous lever instead of checks can simply transfer the grenade out of service in the transport position and provides easy to use at least some hand

If you are using a modern grenades to pull the pin, with all this keeping the safety lever. In turn, the arm holding the hammer, which causes inflammation of the pyrotechnic "timer". The design of the grenades are the most difficult elements of the check and the lever. Thus, in almost all garnets ring checks placed on the left side, because if the grenade keeps left-handed, he should turn it over, then to rapidly use this round. Such a method of containment is not provided by designers and is very unsafe. With all of this is just not safe to hold, as the process of shifting from one hand to the other cocked grenades. Also, there are great difficulties with the translation and grenades in the position of non-hazardous, so it is quite difficult to stick again the bent pin checks, in the criteria for the same battle this can lead to ill-fated event. In addition, for many fighters check — fuse unreliable, and, for example, instructors who work in the educational centers, when boarding a helicopter require recruits bolting lever grenades taped to the exclusion of all accidents.

Richard Lauce proposes to use checks instead of a tight spinning lever, allowing at least some shooting hand grenade with fuse and without problems return this round in benign state. The inventor believes that the spinning lever is more harmless and comfortable as conventional in manufacturing, because reducing the number of test sites such ammunition. But such tests is quite Thus, the M67 grenade test asks 20 critical parts in the event of a fault which could cause a disaster.

At the moment, Richard Lauce made twelve of prototypes improved grenades. South American engineer hopes that his invention is interested in the Ministry of Defense of the United States of America.

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