Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

That ends 2011 year, which was filled with colorful and memorable events in our country and in the world. Looking back, we can say that very nearly everything has changed in the lives of our people, and very much still has to change to the best. We all want to live in a large, united, prosperous and intelligent country where each people can express their views on what is happening around where each can make your own, even if quite small, positive contribution to the development of. We are all aware that the future of our country is dependent on each of us, as the core value of any state — is active, able-bodied and educated citizenry able to work together to address any difficulties, be it external or internal prepyadstviya related to the creation, education, health, social protection, security and other fields of activity.

New 2012 year promises to be more complex than all the past. But hope that life in the coming year which prick all bad omens and worst expectations! In general, we should also keep in mind that the difficulty of temper. Success, success stories, and most importantly — not bad news!

Ahead of the New Year Happy holiday. In these days of each other, we say good words, we give satisfaction to their near and dear people. Let the new year for all of us to be prosperous, and reign in every home comfort and understanding.

I sincerely wish for you good health, good spirits, success in all your endeavors!

The administration of the website, "Military Review"

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