Heat knocked out water lines across America

Due to the intense heat, established in the U.S., go down hundreds of plumbing pipes. As reported by CNN, in only one Oklahoma City (the administrative center of the State of Oklahoma) since early July broke about 685 culverts.

According to the TV, in addition to Oklahoma's most pipes fail in California, Kansas, Texas, Kentucky, and New York State. As a result, the time left without water, entire communities, and sometimes small towns.

According to the Office for the Protection of the Environment (Environmental Protection Agency, EPA), every day in hot conditions in the U.S. and 700 burst pipes. Meanwhile, the heat is just one of the factors that lead to accidents on the water pipes. One more reason, says CNN, is worn out the pipes, the age of many of which is up to a hundred years.

Explains how television, in a high consumption of water in the pipes increases pressure. If the weather is normal external pipe walls rest on the ground, then the heat due to drying ground vaults are expanding and old pipes burst.

An estimated EPA, each year from water pipes lose up to ten percent of the water, and the loss to the state from these losses amount to about $ 2.8 billion a year.

Meanwhile, the need to replace the pipe was not news to the U.S. authorities. In particular, the Department of Environmental Protection has stated about it a few years ago. According to the calculations department, from 2007 to 2027 in the relaying of pipes required to invest about 334 billion dollars. As a result, as the broadcaster, the authorities in many cities planned in the future to increase the tariffs for water.

Question deterioration of water pipelines in the U.S. rose especially sharply in 2011 due to the record heat. As noted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA), in July in the United States for the fourth consecutive time temperature record was broken on record. Hottest temperature set at the southern United States.

Did not pass the heat and the CIS countries this year. Luck to those who learned from bitter experience of past years in advance to prepare for it. Particular attention should be given to children. For example, buy a light children's shoes in the online shop, loose clothing and be sure to monitor the time spent in the heat.

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