Highway through Hell / Highway Thru Hell watch online

Highway through Hell / Highway Thru Hell watch online
In the rugged mountains of the north-western part of the North America passes a unique highway. This road brooks no distractions! This is one of the highest areas of North America. If you are not driving on this road, for you do not understand. It is very safe! Every day thousands of truck drivers have to pass through this area. In good weather, highway Kokihalla — the magic of engineering. But when weather deteriorates, it becomes a road through hell! To eliminate congestion highway requires an army of people and technology, and the last row of Defense — built on a special mission squadron rescue truck and crew, ready to cope with virtually least some setbacks, threatening in the mountains. Since the closure of the route — unreal!

1. Bane on Kokihalle

2. Where is my tow truck.

3. Storm everywhere.

4 Battle towing.

5 Test rookie.

6. Canada. Home-Based Business

7. Canada. Avalanche zone

8. Canada. Yin and yang

9. Canada. I can not!

10. Canada. After the tragedy,

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