Historical Shamanism


In the night from Friday to Saturday — June 1, at the club "LOUVRE" made the project "SiBiRiCA", a real Siberian shaman performed a ceremony to attract good spirits and financial well-being of all those present.

Hereditary shaman, who owns throat singing, playing the Jew's harp and harvaniem (communicating in the language of animals), conducted a session with the use of the sacred ritual of fire and fire water. Everyone could, together with the Siberian and guest musicians project "SiBiRiCA" to travel to a country dancing and good cheer. Get luxurious and mysterious!

Dance like all the polls — maybe it's charms, and possibly the summer! Musicians from Live House Project "SiBiRiCA" managed to create a totally unique style: a dance drive house-music they skillfully wove magnetic vibration jaw harp, tambourine sounds, and other ethnic instruments and vocal sets. This music draws the listener into a vortex of time, leaving a feeling of unreality, it affects the whole world — the enigmatic and mysterious, full of passion, joy and the desire to dance.

Musicologists say that the first musicians were Siberian shamans, and their dance was a whole show. They beat the drum and played the jew's harp, gathering around him spirits and communicating with them in the dance, treated people predicted the future, indicated the best time for hunting and recreation. Any party, any event not without the approval and presence of a shaman. Now, thanks to the Live House Project "SiBiRiCA" healing energy tambourine and jew's harp could feel many.



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