Holland — the moral cesspool of Europe

Merry neat obkurennaya country where the parades dressed drag queens marching past the canals and windmills, and friendly locals waving them tulips — such is the reputation of the Netherlands in the eyes of foreigners.

Cloaca Europe, occupied by drug addicts, drug dealers and people from third world countries — a Dutch see their country. Picking up on a board "democratic values", they bring them to life, ran into everything they fought for, and now things are packed for exile.

Head of the school of

I am fluent in Dutch. I look like a Dutchman. If you do not cut short. In short — I immediately guess in Russian. I came to the Netherlands for almost ten years ago, when workers were still small, the Dutch were friendly and sociable, and in circulation went guilders — the most beautiful paper currency in Europe.

Even then, I experienced the shock of Amsterdam spilled everywhere sweetish odor of marijuana and hashish. They are steeped in it. People, streets, parks and even a dog. For local it is as familiar as for us — the smell of gas polluted streets. But that's not used to tourists and can lead. Already at that time the number of monuments in Amsterdam loses number café-shops, where the waiters on duty baffle visitors asking, "What sort of grass at this time of day you prefer — Amstel Gold,
Sativa, Indica? ".

However, I am interested in this topic is a little — I was going to conquer the world of sports: first, he played in the wrestling club as a professional, and then began to test in promouterstve, promoting promising athletes. In his spare time cramming in good faith "Huje Morgen"
(Good morning ") and" Huje nah "(" good night ") and explored the city. During those years, I have found a funny joke:" Dutch children grow up in the Dutch fairy tales in which good always smokes evil "…

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