Homunculus — spirits from the tube


In XV-XVI centuries of alchemists was a very popular idea of creating a homunculus — an artificial man — through the alchemical process. He tried to raise his homunculus and Paracelsus.

And though he claimed to have achieved success in this business, there is no evidence confirming this fact. Do not look too convincing and the evidence of one of his followers, Count von Kyuffshteyna, grow a dozen alleged homunculi.

However, whether or not to find fault? After all, there are the recognized authorities, who did not consider it shameful to take their word for it. Three centuries after Paracelsus Johann Goethe wrote the drama "Faust," the hero of which creates a live little man — a homunculus. And if so, why should we not at least interested in, how is this done?

Recipe for man

In his treatise "De Natura Rerum" Paracelsus wrote: "Human beings can be born without the natural parents." He was convinced that these "creatures" can grow and develop, being created without the participation of male and female. Great "Zaznayka" argued that people can create an artificial way, which is enough for only the intervention of an experienced alchemist.

So, for "making a man" — the homunculus — require airtight bottle, sperm and … horse manure. (Sperm — the main ingredient in this recipe. To evaluate the egg is not needed. Put semen into a bottle, bury dung and … go for help to a friend alchemist — without it can not be, because only he can make the substance to come to life and begin to move .

After forty days, the organic contents of the bottle and take the form of human traits, however, to contemplate this wonderful transformation will again only alchemist, for all others — uninitiated — "meat" homunculus will be invisible. However, the upset early. Be patient and for the next four weeks, keep an invisibility at the mare's womb and lavishly entertain his "human life force", I mean the blood.

As a result, you will be in all its glory homunculus — a perfect human child that if and what will be different from born to a woman, it is only their tiny size. What to do next? If you believe Paracelsus, that "it is possible to grow and nurture, as well as any other child, until it is older and does not acquire the mind and intellect and will not be able to take care of itself of itself."

Are you smiling? More stupid you do not ever listen? That may be so, but still take the time to boo Dr. Hohenheim. After all of this it "delusional" venture grew something more important — the method of fertilization "in vitro" ("test-tube"), through which many people finally found a long-awaited child.

"Prophecy spirits"

Whatever it was, the experience of Paracelsus, albeit unsuccessful, agitated many minds, so that the followers he has had enough. In 1873, in Vienna, published a book of a certain Dr. Emil Bezetsny "Sphinx" in which readers are curious if you wish could find some interesting descriptions of the "spirits" — produced by Count Ferdinand von Kyuffshteynom Johann in Tirol in 1775.

The source of these descriptions is a diary of Jasper Kammerer, who had served in the honorary position of Count butler and assistant. It was through his revelations we now know for certain that the service of the background Kyuffshteyna was ten homunculi, or, as he called them, "prophesying spirits," who lived in bottles filled with water.

These "spirits" were created for the five weeks of joint efforts of the Count von Kyuffshteyna Italian mystic and the Abbe Gelon. Each of the homunculi got its name — one was called the "king", the second — the "queen," the third — "knight", the fourth — "monk", the fifth — "nun", the sixth — "architect" of the seventh — "miner", the eighth — "seraphim." A ninth and tenth "spirits" were known as the blue and red.

Beautiful face of the spirit of the blue

The bottles, which contained the homunculi were closed with bovine bubbles and some magnetic printing. I must say that the "spirits" were quite small in stature — only 23 centimeters, which is very frustrating their creator Kyuffshteyna background.

Wanting them to grow up quickly, Earl put them in an even larger bottle. Then he buried them in a pile of horse manure, and almost his own every day it sprinkled some kind of liquid. After all these procedures manure began to wander and emit steam, as if lit by an underground fire.

Earl decided it was time to take out the bottle to the light of God, he could not wait to see how it grew, "crumbs". Well, it was discovered that the homunculi and really added to the great growth — reached as much as 35 centimeters, to the same in males grew a beard and nails.

The Abbe Gelon supplied all the "spirits" suitable clothing — according to their rank and dignity. Only red and blue "spirit" because of incorporeal apparel not got. They were generally not visible to the human eye. When the Abbot struck the print on the neck, the water in the bottle was colored in blue (or, respectively, FASD) color, and the "spirits" have shown the face. Face blue "spirit" was perfect, and his face red, "spirit", by contrast, has produced a horrendous experience.

Conditions of detention

Count feeding their wards every four days for some pink substance. Once a week, bottles filled with pure rain water. Change of water produced very quickly, because when the "spirits" themselves on the air, they lose consciousness. The diet of the red "spirit" included weekly sip of chicken blood, and the blood disappeared in the water right there, without even having time to paint it.

By the way, he changed the water with surprising regularity — every two or three days, and each time the bottle is opened, the water in it was getting dark, murky and spread the smell of rotten eggs. Blue "spirit" could only dream about such a treatment — it is always the bottle was sealed, but because he had not eaten and lived his whole life in one and the same "water environment".

The sad fate

Why should count needed homunculus? It's very simple. Bottles of "prophecy spirits" brought into the room where they met members of the Masonic Lodge, chaired by himself Kyuffshteyn background. During the assembly, "spirits" are predicting future events, and are almost always their prophecies come true. They knew the most intimate, but each of them was familiar only with the fact that belonged to his rank, for example, the "king" could not talk about politics, "Monk" — about religion, "miner" — about the minerals. Only the blue and red "spirits" knew everything.

By mischance vessel, which contained a "monk", fell to the floor and crashed. Poor homunculus died after a few agonizing breaths, despite the best efforts of the graph to save him. Attempting to perform the same, undertaken by Count alone without the help of Abbe (who shortly before had left), has led to the failure. Earl managed to create a small creature, slightly resembling a leech, which soon died.

A "king" and did let himself go: escaped from his bottle, which had not been properly sealed. When he found the butler, "the king" was sitting on the top of the bottle, which contained a "queen", and tried to free her. The call came running count, after a brief chase caught the fugitive, who, because of prolonged exposure to the air was close to fainting, and brought him back into the bottle.

Apparently, in later years, Count von Kyuffshteyn began to worry about the salvation of his soul, awakening the conscience of all demand it to get rid of homunculi that after some hesitation he did.

The impossible is possible

Whether this is true or not — is no longer seen. However, the main thing is that the idea of the creation of man by vnepolovym ceased to be blasphemous. In any case, in the XIX century German chemist Justus von Liebig imagined that one day will certainly chemistry organic matter by artificial means. And Jacob Moleschott — the famous German psychologist and philosopher who lived in the same XIX century — went even further: he claimed that being able to create the conditions in which can be produced organic forms.

…In Rome, one of the squares, today you can find a large stone inscribed with some strange characters. It is said that these letters are nothing like the encrypted formula to create an artificial man — the homunculus.

A.Afanaseva, "Interesting newspaper. Magic and Mysticism" № 17, 2012

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