How does it work? (All seasons) watch online

How does it work?  (All seasons) watch online
Documentary series "How it works", by channel Discovery, will be fascinating, at first, curious and passionate about the people who are in the most ordinary things tend to see much special and extraordinary. You want to know how to made the most ordinary objects that surround us in everyday life? Then this show created specifically to you!

You will learn how to make the most nezamudrenye things, such as a hammer or a regular washer, also and more than complicated things, such as a drill bit or engines. We have every day or a day and use litsezreem variety of household items, but do any of us thinks they are made all these things?

See documentary cycle "How is it made?" and ordinary blanks and semi-reincarnated right before your eyes into finished articles of daily use. And curiously, in the production of the majority, even the most common products used sverhtehnologichny machinery.

All about everything. What? How? Why?

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