Humanity facing an epidemic of eye diseases

Every five seconds in the world goes blind adult, every minute — baby

World Sight Day was held. Agree, not every one of our body awarded the honor. This is because the eyes are very important. And because it has been notably increasing number of eye diseases. A forecast is even worse.

The World Health Organization is sounding the alarm: if you do not take immediate action, by 2020 the world will be 75 million blind. Forecast inexorable? The greater the load on the eyes, but the fact that they are becoming more, no doubt, the faster growth of eye diseases, including those that lead to blindness.

On the Day of this year, these facts and figures are DC. Not to frighten. Not at all! In order "to get the attention of all governments to problems of preservation of vision. Ensure all who need access to health care." This is a quote from the WHO Global Programme to Fight against blindness "Vision 2020: The Right to Sight". After three-quarters of cases of blindness are treatable or preventable. If …

Many diseases from childhood. Eye among those leaders. Especially among schoolchildren. We had even resigned to the fact that admission to school wearing glasses 4 per cent, and by the end of the school year as much as 40 percent. On the Day of the FSI IRTC "Eye Microsurgery" named Fedorov took (excuse the tautology) Open Day, dedicated to the prevention and treatment of eye diseases in children. IRTC in all its branches, that is, in 12 regions of the country, has created a child-care centers, which can turn the kids with all eye troubles. A trouble-it can be said to adults: congenital and traumatic cataract, retinal pathology, optic nerve, glaucoma, myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, strabismus …

Every year, "National Health League" carries out the action of mercy "Touch the heart of the child." Specialists of the leading medical centers of the capital are receiving children in remote towns and villages. And always — a great need to help ophthalmologists. Its employees have IRTC. Many to refer to free treatment in this center. More often it is with those troubles, which have said.

Director General of the IRTC Hristo Tahchidi, experts of the center spoke of the possibilities of modern diagnostics that can detect eye diseases in children at a very early stage, at the earliest, grudnichkovom age. Find and save his sight. Only except even the most advanced equipment keep an eye for seeing the children. And adults, too.

Irina Krasnopolskaya

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