In 60% of GMO products is dangerous gene VI

Another disturbing reason appeared to give up damaging the health of genetically modified organisms. We know that due to the use of GMOs many serious diseases, but still we were not so convinced of this, as now, when learned about the recent discovery of genes "hidden viruses" deep inside of genetically modified crops.

Over the years, GM knowingly and unknowingly consumed worldwide. Monsanto and the Government of the United States argue that modified crops are safe, despite a very limited (or virtually absent in some cases) initial testing, the scientists also say that there is no danger. One of these "threats" are all the same and it was revealed according to a recent report by the European Agency for Food Safety European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

The report EFSA, which can be read on the Internet, according to the researchers discovered a previously unknown viral gene, which is known as "gene VI». What is important is a rogue gene is found in the most famous of genetically modified crops, in about 63% of GMOs approved for use (54 of 86, to be exact). But he can really disrupt many biological functions in living organisms. The gene that causes physical mutation, found in popular GMO crops such as Roundup-Ready soybeans, NK603 and MON810 maize. Recently, it was found that a variety of maize NK603 is associated with the development of mass tumors in rats.

According Independent Science News, «gene VI» penalized defense mechanism of plants and animals against viruses.
In general, there is a certain degree of knowledge about the "gene VI». Here is what was set. "Gene VI»:

1. Helps to inhibit viral particles natural defense system of the cell.
2. Produces proteins that are potentially problematic.
3. Makes plants susceptible to bacterial pathogens.

All this is very significant effects that should be carefully studied a group of independent scientists. A GMO products containing this gene must be removed from the market pending further studies around the array comorbidities. And this does not even include the study of the effects of which we do not yet know.

The case of the "genome VI» — one more episode in which Monsanto and other biotech companies appear as criminals, causing irreparable harm to the health of humans, animals and plants.



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