In Australia, the students know that Lenin, in 1917, was on a combat robot!

When this week's Australian students took their seats on the history exam, I was surprised to find that during the Russian Revolution, it appears, used giant fighting robots.

In the exam includes a section on the revolutionaries storm the Winter Palace in 1917 by Nicholas Kochergina brush. The one who was the exam, looking for this picture in the search engine Google. And the first available image of an unknown creature was fotoshoperov, which shows how the peasants led by a giant mechanism.

Therefore, the 5700 students in the exam this morning found a modified version with the added to the background image, apparently, the robot "Battltek Marauder", it turns out all support the rebels.

It is unclear how such a modified version of the hit in the examination material. However, in the image search on Google in the first place was the version of the picture with the robot.

The representative of the Victorian Council for Curriculum Assessment said the image "was found and approved by the Board as coming from the Internet." "The image was changed, but the change did not affect the ability of students to answer examination question," he said.

"The Council will inspect the student responses to make sure that no student is distracted by the image, was not known to be in a disadvantaged position." This is the second year in a row that the Victorian Council for Curriculum Assessment falls into an awkward situation regarding the contents of the exam.

Last year, a popular columnist Helen Raser Examinations Council accused of plagiarism and copyright infringement after in the English exam without her permission and mentions as an author was included material Melbourne writer.


Quite brain flowed in Australian teachers.     I quote: — … the change does not affect the ability of students to answer examination questions.     I wonder what they said ….

All a good day and clarity of mind!


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