In Bogoroditsk rescue animals from the mini-zoo

Residents near Tula Bogoroditsk rescue animals from the mini-zoo, where employees traveling circus, abandoned to their fate by the side of the road when they broke down the caravan.
The incident occurred on February 18. Employees of the circus animals left in an unheated van. Animals froze there for about a day before they saw a police patrol.

The cells were frozen wolf, two foxes, raccoons and mountain lion. Only three days left in the direction of the trailer Bogoroditsk.

According to some sources, during this time the eagle died. Undertaken business Regional Prosecutor's Office, which has already filed a lawsuit against the owners of mini-zoo at the ill-treatment of animals.

In turn, the administration Bogoroditsk taking action to save animals that are in the 20-degree cold remain in open cells. Local people bring them food and warm heat gun.

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