In China, covered with cracks newly built highway

Chinese authorities are investigating the circumstances of an incident in the province of Gansu. There, covered with cracks newly built highway, which cost the budget of almost $ 1.5 billion. The project, according to experts, already turned overpriced 1 kilometer of road cost more than $ 5 million. But the line did not last, and 3 months.
A special commission has published the preliminary results of the investigation. "The first reason — the low quality of the coating. It is produced in violation of the technology. Second — a lack of control over the construction process. Asphalt was laid loose, rain water entered the cavity, and when frozen — was to destroy the coating," — said the deputy chairman of Gansu Province Wu Zhibin.
Construction company, which paved the way, will now have to remove the defects at its own expense. And that, according to preliminary estimates, about $ 20 million.

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