In Chuvashia, for rabid ferret quarantined

President of Chuvashia, Michael Ignatieff has signed a decree on the introduction of quarantine for rabies in Tsivilsk region of the republic because of the attack of rabies infection ferret.
"Ferrets usually secretive lifestyle lead. They exist in all communities, but hidden. Apparently, he contracted from mice or from any other animal. Because of this, the ferret was struck brain, he lost his sense of fear, entered the territory farm woman and attacked her, "- said the deputy head of the State Veterinary Service of the Republic Sergey Skvortsov. According to him, killed the ferret and veterinarians from the study of his brain confirmed the diagnosis of rabies.
The victim, a resident of the village of Upper Hyrkasy Tsivilsky district republic Galina Timofeeva, was hospitalized against her doctors vaccinate.
Quarantine is introduced for two months in order to eliminate the source of rabies in animals and to prevent the spread of disease in Chuvashia. "In the period of quarantine to prevent the activities related to the movement of animals, animal products, animal feed and feed ingredients from his household Timofeeva," — the document says.

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