In Colombia, Gramalote city with a population of 918,000 left the ground

In Colombia, Gramalote city with a population of 918,000 left the ground, 90% of residents were evacuated in the buff, 10% refused to leave, according to Colombia Passport.

Interior Minister Vargas Lleras, visited the crash site, and returned a verdict that the city will disappear within a few hours.
90 percent of the population was evacuated and rescue teams are trying to restore the official and historical documents from government buildings, which were destroyed by deformation of a natural phenomenon.

Gramalote is the municipality of 918.942 inhabitants.
It was founded in 1857 by a geological fault, the eastern regions of the Colombian Andes.
Vargas Minister told the media that the quick evacuation of the population, so there is no fatal victims. About four thousand inhabitants of the affected sectors of the city are in special camps.
Caracol minister and journalist, Eduardo Galeano, reported that the building fell like a house of cards.
Most of the houses in the city are damaged, while others are already buried under the ground, he said, so a couple of days Gramalote cease to exist.
The hill, which is located near the city, falls on him.
Residents called for help when they feel the deformation and movement of the earth. A few minutes later the building started to crack and fall. Electrical wires were falling as well.
Barrio Santa Anita was the first sector, which was destroyed.
Less than 24 hours, the city was damaged in almost all of its infrastructure and people were able to pick up a house just a few things.
Rescue crews came to town and began the evacuation. Help arrives in the region in order to avoid the loss of human lives, the minister said Vargas.

There is a risk of hunger in refugee camps

Around 80 people Gramalote returned in the early hours on Sunday to pick up from the ruined city things, plunging them into the trucks, according to local newspaper Diario La Opinion.
Currently, there is a risk of famine in makeshift refugee camps in neighboring sectors. The authorities, however, do not allow more people to enter into the city, to prevent accidents in the disaster area.

All reports upominanayut roar of the land prior to the accident, which caused panic among the residents.
Around 10:00 am, a lot of people trying to get to the city center and a few people started looting shops collapsed. When people take food from collapsed stores, police decided not to stop the looting.
At 17:30 the authorities banned any litsm, return to the scene.
Some refugees told the press that they did not get more help from the government.
Some families refused to evacuate for fear of losing everything and starve.
According to experts, in the course of three days or more, the city will collapse in its entirety.

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