In Dagestan, killed livestock

Dagestan found evidence of rabies. The hearth is in the village of New Bay Kizlyar district. According to local residents, for about a week here dying cattle.

"The loss of cattle there almost every day — said the imam of the local mosque. — Recently, a cat infected with rabies bit a local resident. According to my information a few days already lost 6 goals, perhaps this figure and more. "

According to the state veterinary inspector Vladimir Kostrizhkina Volsky area, vehicle, most likely a fox, "Fox this year divorced sea! Wander from house to house, to the farm, it seems, went to where the bite young cow. "
Local residents have already referred to the Veterinary Service of the Kizlyar district, but there they were told that the rabies vaccine for the vaccination of cattle, they do not.
Ruslan Aliyev

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