In Estonia — free of charge, the Schengen area, it may be cheaper

The Company from March 1 Estonia cancels a charge for national visas for Belarusians. Earlier this same decision announced Poland, Latvia, Germany. As a weakening effect on the movement of the Belarusians to the territory these countries and can we expect a change in the common visa policy of the EU in respect of the Belarusians.

Laurels Bambus — Vice-Chancellor at the consular and legal issues of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia in an interview with the "Freedom" on February 28 confirmed:

But I want to emphasize that this is not a visa for tourism. Tourist visas — it Schengen visas

"Indeed, from tomorrow the rule takes effect. And so those Belarusian citizens who want to travel to Estonia on short-term work, study, etc., may apply for a national visa. And it will be given to them for free. But I want to emphasize it is not a visa for tourism. Tourist visas — it Schengen visas. "

Under this rule, and subject teachers, artists, athletes. Those who are going to travel to Estonia's national, Estonian diplomat advised to preview the information on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Interested in Mr. bambusa, whether such a visa to travel to another Schengen country?

"Of course, this visa primarily to stay in Estonia. But if you're in the us, you can go further and other countries. "

Vice-Chancellor of the Estonian Foreign Ministry does not undertake to predict how to increase the number of Belarusians who wish to take advantage of the new visa opportunity:

"Who's really hard to say how many will be willing to come on this visa to Estonia. I think that it is not will be very a large number. But on the other hand, we hope that this figure will grow. "

Free national visas for Belarus already entered Poland, Latvia, Germany. But the cost of Schengen visas for Belarusians still remains in the amount of EUR 60. Or is there in this direction some prospects to get a visa free?

Head of the Office for a Democratic Belarus in Brussels Olga Stuzhinskaya says the abolition of visa fees until the early to speak:

The Council of Europe hopes to issue a mandate to start negotiations on visa facilitation (facilitation)

"There are statements by politicians who appealed to Brussels and spoke about the importance of that visas for Belarusians are free and accessible. But we should still go to a technical process. And I know that the Council of the European Union hopes to issue a mandate to start negotiations on visa facilitation (facilitation). At the proposals that were sent to the European Commission in November, the Council of the European Union has to respond and issue a mandate.

I think the decision will be positive in the near future. This means that there will mandate of visa facilitation. Not to lift the visa regime or cancellation of visa fees at all. Visa fasilitatsyya — is reducing the cost of visas to 35 euros and simplification of visa issuance. That is, it will be a mandate for negotiations with the Belarusian authorities on visa facilitation and readmission agreements. "

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