In front of a fireball exploded krymchanki

Natural phenomenon is a sphere.  Photo from woman was lucky — the fireball did not touch her.
In Feodosia in the yard of a private house in front of the astonished pensioner fireball exploded.

— It happened around 11-11.30, during a heavy rain, — said the woman. — I went out into the yard to close the door to the outhouse, turning in the passage of the yard, I saw it. Superficially resembled a huge ball lightning fiery red color, that's a size — woman hands showed diameter with two feet. — She slowly lowered down, and by touching the asphalt — exploded. With that sound was such that I even laid the ears. I was afraid that the house would crack or something, but, thank God, nothing happened.

According to the pensioner, after the explosion of her neighbors were frightened and began to turn off appliances, reports Kafa.

— This amazing natural wonder, how many years I live, never seen anything like it — told feodosiyka. — I even feel sorry for her costs. I am now telling everyone what to visit me came a fireball, and I'm on it so kindly looked, and it did not touch me.

According to the deputy chief of Feodosia Weather Vladimir Zaitsev, ball lightning can occur at any time, it can reach any size. This phenomenon has been studied by scientists.

A woman shows the shape of the fireball.  Photo

A woman shows the shape of the fireball. Photo

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