In Indonesia, due to the eruption of the volcano starts mass evacuation of residents

Indonesian authorities on Monday began a mass evacuation of the mountain plateau Dieng in Central Java due to emissions of toxic gases from one of the craters located on it. Volcanic alert to level located approximately two kilometers altitude plateau raised from the second to the third (penultimate) level, and the area within a radius of a kilometer from the crater, in which there are several villages, declared a no-host of people.

"In Timbang crater, one of the active craters (Plateau), phreatic eruption occurred (gas emissions without expiration lava)" — the official representative of the Office of Disaster Management (ULPSB) Indonesia Sutopo Nugroho Purva (Sutopo Purwo Nugroho).

"We have evacuated from the villages and Simbar Sumber 1000 179" — leads RIA Novosti Sutopo words.

The first releases from the crater Timbang have neither color nor smell carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide gases were registered on Sunday, he said.

Dieng volcanic complex is one of the most remarkable, even in Indonesia, where there are about 600 volcanoes, making it the undisputed world champion in this field. In 1979, emissions of carbon dioxide from Timbanga led to the death of 149 people.

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