In Kartli region of the storm had almost died rural school

In Kartli region of the storm had almost died rural school

Kartli region, Chelyabinsk Region, July 08 (New Region, Alla Alexandrova) — Residents of the Kartli region count losses from the recent natural disaster. And in one of the schools eliminate the consequences of a fire caused by lightning discharge.

Recall, July 5, over the area of a violent thunderstorm. Disaster victims was a local shepherd: a man and his horse, a dog and three cows killed by lightning.

As the correspondent of "New Region", local residents, mostly from the weather affected villagers Ann, in the vicinity of the death of the shepherd. In homes burned TV sets, refrigerators, computers. Because of the strong winds fell a tree.

As lightning lit up the building of the village school. In the evening, the school watchman saw a bright flash outside the window and heard the heavy cotton. Climbing up to the second floor, the man saw off a computer installed in the reception area director.

The watchman ran for a fire extinguisher. Code returned, the whole room was covered in smoke. The man closed the door, and call the fire department.

Agency staff a few days washed walls covered with soot. From the district budget is allocated for the new printer. Note that shortly before the incident at the school to complete the preparation for the new school year. Now all the work done to nothing, teachers would have to deal with repairs. Overall damage from the fire was about 100 thousand rubles.

By the way, on that fateful night the storm Povaliy old big poplar in the yard of the educational institution. Only a miracle tree is collapsed on the building.

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