In Kharkiv observed sea bees. Reasons horrify

In 2011, in the Kharkiv region to halve the number of bees.
This was on July 27 press conference, the chairman of the Kharkiv regional beekeepers union Alexander Strygin.

According to him, the main reason was the reduction in the number of bees uncontrolled spraying fields with pesticides from aircraft. Since beekeepers do not warn about spraying, they have no way to prepare for it.
Alexander Strygin told that farmers sprayed fields uncontrollably and in the daytime. On the death of bees in the Kharkiv regional alliance of beekeepers reported beekeepers Bogodukhov, Balakleysky and Valkovsky areas. Some were killed and six thousand bees.
"In connection with the death of bees, beekeepers have turned to the courts and the legal profession, but at present, Ukraine is not possible to make examination to prove the cause of death of bees," — said Alexander Strygin.
Alexander Strygin also noted that the reason for the mass gathering of bees — leaving the bee hive family — may be the widespread installation of mobile towers, and a bad environment. Gathering bee seen around the world, and scientists have to decide whether to eliminate the causes of this phenomenon.

Chairman of the Kharkiv regional beekeepers union added that although the number of bees and decreased reduction of honey production is expected.

"The fact that the production of honey is affected not only the number of bees and honey yield of various crops. But this year, due to the high yield of good weather, "- he said.

According to him, now difficult to estimate the number of bees in the area, as government regulation of beekeeping industry is very low, and the number of bees reported not all beekeepers.

Recall at the Upper Starolyubotinskogo rate fixed mass death of fish. In particular, carp, silver carp and grass carp.

As can be seen from the article, the situation with the ecosystem goes on and on, but the causes of death of bees is really appalling. Why some people are so irresponsible to the environment — a mystery. Therefore, there is only distracted by something, to set the mood, such as watch TV series Family Guy, and after restoring the peace of mind to concentrate on more pressing problems and achievable objectives.

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