In Kinneret blind fish: the reason is not installed

About 10% of the fish are caught by fishermen on the Sea of Galilee, infected with an unknown disease. Amnon first loses his sight and then dies.

The newspaper "Maariv" notes that since the onset of the "blind Amnon" in the Kinneret was 10 years, but neither the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources nor did nothing to identify the source of the epidemic.

The newspaper "Maariv" writes that according to documents held by the editorial board, in 2005 specialists of the Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and with representatives of the Office of Water Resources concluded that it is necessary to study closely the issue in order to understand the source of contamination of fish. However, since checks are not conducted. And at the request of the newspaper "Maariv" from the Ministry of Agriculture said that so far there were only a few reports of disease in the Kinneret fish that did not cause alarm among experts.

Experts invited to the lake the fishermen, who believe that the disease fish may be "indicator" of the Sea of Galilee and health can mean the impending ecological disaster. Last Friday, a fisherman Menachem Lev invited to a "fishing" of several experts from the veterinary service led by Dr. Avi Eldar.

According to the newspaper "Maariv", the results of water samples and a preliminary examination of the infected animals, the scientists have put a dead end. They say that the source of the disease can be like a virus or bacteria or parasites. In order to draw conclusions requires more detailed study.

The newspaper "Maariv" writes that experts worry fishermen chop up over the fact that the epidemic among fish may indicate poor water quality in the lake, which can be dangerous to public health.

At the request of the newspaper "Maariv" from the Ministry of Agriculture said that the Department of Fisheries staff will study the situation.

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