In Lithuania, Belarus Bureau will open a public and political representation

In the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Seimas of Lithuania, a round table, the theme of which was a violation of human rights in Belarus and in cooperation with the democratic forces. The discussions included representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, heads of diplomatic missions of the EU and NATO. At this meeting, the Lithuanian Seimas declared creation of the "Office of the Belarusian public and political representation in Lithuania."

Belarus Bureau in Lithuania proposed the creation of social activists who have been outside of Belarus after the events of December 19 in Minsk — is representative of the headquarters of opposition presidential candidates.

Oleg Snowstorm

The purpose of the discovery of "the Belarusian office of public and political representation in Lithuania," explains one of the members of the organizing committee, a member of the electoral headquarters Vladmera Neklyaeva Oleg Snowstorm:

"This office aims to help not only the people, who left and remain in Lithuania, but this is a political space and for Belarusian political forces. In a letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, we have explained that there are many things that you can do in Lithuania and it is impossible in Belarus: meetings, congresses and other work. For example, it is difficult to break into this office, do a search here and bring some accountability. "

The founders of the Belarusian office of public and political representation in Lithuania say that the representatives of the European public interest in Belarus to become part of a democratic Europe. And the evidence of that — today's meeting in the Lithuanian Seimas, member of the organizing committee Igor Kovalenko:

Igor Kovalenko

"They are well aware of the situation that has developed in Belarus. They also understand that African events could be repeated in Belarus. To prevent such victims, they through us, through other entities trying to influence Lukashenko to this African situation in Belarus has not yet happened. "

As reported by members of the "Belarusian office of public and political representation in Lithuania" in the near future they plan to hold a meeting with representatives of opposition political parties and democratic movements from Belarus to develop further joint work.

Gregory Kastusyou

Deputy Chairman of the BPF Gregory Kastusyou spoke about the future of the Belarusian office in Vilnius this:

"The fact that the Lithuanian side has taken such a decision — this is important. On the other hand, the Lithuanians recently surprised us a bit, especially the president. Today, the decision was made, but tomorrow it may be both. After all, during a visit to Belarus president says one thing, and when she returned to Lithuania, we talked more. So I'm a little cautious about. And how effective will be the work of this committee, I was still hard to say. "



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