In Mexico, the volcano awoke


Volcano Popokatepetl, which is located 55 km from the Mexican capital Mexico City, threw a cloud of ash to a height of 3 km.

Popocatepetl — one of the most famous volcanoes, not only in Mexico and Latin America, but also around the world. Nearby, at a distance of 20 km. from it, there is another volcano on the name Istasiuatl. Translated into Russian, their names sound like "smoking mountain" and "white woman", respectively. Volcanoes are quite high — Popocatepetl stands at 5453 meters, and Istasiuatl — at 5287 meters. Both the volcano, or rather their snow-capped peaks, visible for miles around. Popocatepetl is an active volcano. Scientists believe that it is in their history erupted more than 30 times. Already at the Spaniards on the continent, and therefore we can say this with confidence, he did it 16 times. Between eruptions were periods long silence and calm, sometimes people start to think that the volcano was quiet forever. But each time he denied them guessing. Thus, in the 20th century he was silent 60 years, but in 1994 there was a violent eruption. Even now he sometimes scares surrounding residents, but small things — just to let off steam and gas. But Istasiuatl volcano dormant, for several centuries, not a wave of people to be active.

In Mexico, there is a legend associated with these volcanoes. Thus, the legend says that the mighty emperor of the Aztec empire was the only beautiful daughter, whose name was Istasiuatl. It was passionately in love with a young man named Popocatepetl — the bravest of the soldiers of the emperor. When Popocatepetl confessed his feelings to Emperor and asked for the hand of his daughter, he did not refuse. But in order to ensure the strength of his feelings and loyalty to the empire, the brave warrior sent to war. The war was brutal and bloody, it lasted more than a year. But when the enemy was defeated and mentally Popocatepetl has been with his mistress, his betrayed. The palace brought the news of his death. Istasiuatl not suffered grief, fell ill and died soon after. Returning Popocatepetl lost the meaning of life. He built a pyramid on top of which lay the body of a beautiful princess. For himself erected another pyramid and stood on top of it to cover your favorite dream. Went years, centuries and pyramids became mountains. The legend explains why one volcano acts — so burning torch still brave warrior.

But should probably say that the story appeared in this version after coming to the continent Spaniards. And long before the Aztecs called them dormant volcano Istatepetl — "white mountain."

The Aztecs referred to Mount Popocatepetl as sacrosanct. The ground around it was always fertilized by volcanic ash, and thus was very fertile. Maize that grew here was the most delicious.

Secret volcano Popocatepetl would solve many, including the Aztec emperor Moctezuma. He sent the volcano 10 strongest of his soldiers to find out why the mountain is "smoking." Only two of them managed to come back with a story about an event.

Spanish conqueror Hernan Cortes and his men entered the valley of Mexico along the road winding between the two volcanoes. She now bears his name. People Cortez became the first Europeans to reach the top of Popocatepetl. Francisco Montana with a group made this ascent is not out of curiosity, and to replenish sulfur. To do this, Senor Montagnier had to overcome the fear of "falling into hell" and go down the rope into the mouth of the volcano.

Today, both the volcano — Popocatepetl and Istasiuatl — relatively simple, they could climb even begins. Only danger is that Popokateptl is an active volcano.

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