In Molyatichi not come — their lack of unemployed and homeless people!

Society since the beginning of the century Molyatichi where three hundred inhabitants, explodes events that get resonance far beyond Krychavshchyny. 5 years ago, during my first trip to the village, on the eve of the school year, the rains flooded the local school, where they rented for the repair of the roof, but did not find to cover it, 300 sheets Schiffer. I remember how, on a background of black walls, through the ceiling in the office of the ideology hung in dirty drops portrait of Lukashenko. Then on the repairs were thrown Methodists and inspectors district, teachers, educators from around the nursery area. This year, already has a criminal connotation here the situation with the so-called social house, where immediately after his arrival, I went with Mr. Gerd. Nikolai — Economic Observer Krycheu independent newspaper "Free City". Monitors the situation initially, as told and on the road.


Gerda"In 2008, local leaders got the idea from an abandoned house to house teachers for disadvantaged people. But it was all done in a collective farm. There was construction documents, was built by people who were doing just to get unemployment benefits. If checked KRU Ministry of Finance, found to be missing until the theft of fixtures. Removed from office and tried Zablotskaya, head of the labor and social security Krichevsky executive committee — is accused of embezzling 12 million rubles. And now the court has not yet ended. And after the house finished, manifested mass abomination … "

We just opened the door on the second floor. Ms. Sidorenko live here four years. Torn, wet walls, bulb only 13 degrees. 76-year-old grandmother, covered in scarves, throw up their hands.


Sidorenko"This house was uninhabited '11 — as syrastsi! My dear — the third wallpaper! And the kids are, and had to suffer here — did not happen in my family life. (Crying.) Mine was a drunkard — dispersed, so here I live. Repair with the promise of spring — and does! The paint was brought in, putty — gave 90,000, and lies. Master says — "and the old lady …" Pension Yesterday I brought the six hundredth — fines, debts written, and I've never dovzhala "

Mrs. Helen I offer comment on the municipal utility bills with fantastic for such a "living" figure of 300,000.

Sidorenko"Overhaul — where he is, they do not — pay 15,000 per month. Debts for overhaul — 26,000! Yesterday asked somebody — say it is in the accounting department, we are not to blame. Maintenance — over 13, do not know what it is. Heating — nearly 50,000, and 13-15 degrees. Electricity — 104 000, a light bulb, I just do not know. Garbage collection — 53000, we carry ourselves. What is my trash — one per cook! Why this injustice? "

Reporter"What time you people live?"

Sidorenko"At the bottom of a young boy, those with disabilities — 7 people, 4 apartments. First lived at least 2 people — it is impossible to get along. An old woman and the second — give and give. Do not give — they begin to do evil. They apparently did not work — at 260 pension. Spoons, forks, no — all ask, ask. Will be small at the door — "may have hlebchyk maybe quicksand, can tsukarchyku." Well, until one son made — took. And then there's a sick, barely able to go, and the director of the orphanage her to me. I suffered a half months — I say Petrovna, I'll do something with it, get out there … azerka "(Crying.)

2 years ago in Malyatsichah did Agrotown. Arte. About challenging and revealing story of its origin is the same told Nicholas gurdy.

Gerda"In 2005, the President enacted a decree on development of 60 basic farms that within two years should reach European indicators for meat, milk, yields of major crops. In Krychau area identified "Belle." The former collective farm chairman, the former deputy Sapranetski when he was in Parliament, sitting next to Lukashenko. Nicholas K. liked to boast — built the flax plant, bred horses, zverafermu did, aircraft have been bought up by making the squadron. But do not completely brought. Why are sought in the number of base farms? They were given incentives. If ordinary milk farms were bought by 600 rubles per liter, these — 900 or more. And given much credit for the purchase of equipment, including overseas. Worked a year and a half, and the indicators do not. After all, you need to organize production and Sapranetski could not appear for months on the farm. In 2008-2009, the economy, and he was tried for the mass of registry. Lukashenko freed him from liability. Then decided to SEC "Belle" pryyadnats SEC "Molyatichi" which was more efficient for the development of animal and crop production. Agrotown did there … "

In the village shops asking grizzled guy that comes from a farm near:

Reporter"In a large agro salary of steel?

Mr."No, these are. In the village became home to do …"

To microphone jumps elderly woman, pulling her hand low guy in the jacket — as it turned out, her 27-year-old son.

Mrs."For some, agro, and we have half of the fence padelali, half not — would come to seeing! And this here is a young family with two kids house upside down. A house-promise promise … I Evseeva Anna A. …

Reporter"A guy that can not find work?"

Yarshyeva"Because there is the farm"

Reporter"What's your name?"

Guy"Sergey Evseev. I worked at the school — kicked out because a lot of what I know. Director Kobyzava Elena … "

Gerda"Oh, it's the former director!"

Sergei"Dacha built and tied it all at school. Chased me to build, and many do not perform their duties. Once forced to climb up a tree to cut the top of his head — no safety was not. Thanks to the teachers who have talked — and suddenly zvalissya? There have to do this electricians. A paid 300,000. And now I go like a fool. There is only one job — to feed the cattle on the farm. I do not want Hay yes manure smell in the house every day … "

Reporter"How much for these agro guys who could work?"

Sergei"A 20 will be …"


Go to the house to a single farmer here, 53-year-old former veturacha Shutkova. Sir Peter in the bedroom clothes to climb down from the furnace, where the winter only, and you can climb, pakarmivshy morning cattle. Has leased 40 hectares of land, 2 tractors, combine harvester, a herd of cows and 5, says, gilt with "kuraptushkami." Next is agriculture itself.


Shutko"Normal land, 2 km from the house. Handed over 50 tons of grain and 20 for the sowing. For the cleaning of machine hire. I work on a single tax — 12%, as well as for agricultural … "

Reporter"Would like to Expand — the power is?"

Shutko"No! (Laughs.) Years wrong, and work hard at the Villager — 24 hours a day. Two girls learn from my teachers … "

Reporter"Peter, the last time the rest?"< br />
Shutko"About 15-20 years ago …"

Reporter"And to say — let's go and throw farming back in veturachy?"

Shutko"When the doctors do not want to. (Laughter.) Is no way back. Its fun, more exciting. In the farm 25 years has worked — in the 90's were paying $ 15-20, and went to the farmers to survive. Land for 99 years lease. In our district, there were 14 farmers, left three. I do not see competition on the ground. I would be the one who wants to work on the land, gave to her as they want — just to work! And with minimal taxes. Help him, and let him self-sufficient and a lot of people! "

5 years ago I was shocked the story of the now 70-year-old Vladimir Ostapenko. At 25, was jailed for 4 years for stealing 4 sheets collective Schiffer. And, as said, forever lost his passport. As long as he could, illegally worked on the farm, now lives in a former barn — klyatushtsy which identified the owner free of charge, the engineer Vladimir Vyaselin SEC. He is calling on the court bent, stubbled his lodger. Divide with the latest news, remember how it all began.


Ostapenko"I served in Ivatsevichy 30 years ago. Comes district Chichko — Climb to the police department. Came — no. And … patsyarali. I went to the Ukrainian Embassy in Minsk — was born in the Ukraine. And to confirm this paper for a new passport … "

Vyaselin"No your papers from the Ukraine, and the requests were given -" send, send, "and all is quiet …"

Gerda"By Chychory accessed, member of the House of Representatives, and did not help anything …"

Reporter"How to get a job, pay the money?"

Vyaselin"Welder snapped up, the main thing to work" (Laughs.)


Along the fences sit plump indykachki — today's homework Mr. Ostapenko.

Vyaselin"Indavutak godfather gave me 3 pieces — for 3 years and more than a hundred. He sits down on a mattress in a season three times. Meat provided … "

5 years ago Malyatsichah built a half dozen presidential houses. After the opening of the agro-town, at the end of last year, settled another 6. Usyalenne in one of them, 25-year-old Snyazhany Artemova mother and 11-month-old baby has caused a lot of publications in the pre-press. We opened the door a short, blond girl, who immediately put her finger to her lips — say, the child is asleep. And whisper told his story, which is still remembered with horror.


Snyazhana"Own a house collapsed — was in disrepair. Caused the commission of the executive committee — was then given. 4 months with a small child was there — could die! The fire came, said emergency home and to live. It was necessary before repair. And when the mother turned to the chairman Radovskaga said — help. Then he collapsed, his mother came again, he said — and who will pay? The mother said — I, if not enough — the farm, and I will give. Stolintsy-builders came — "Radovskiy told us to do their work, and after work" your bride-price. " So do not do it. She worked as a cleaner at the farm. How much is the salary? 69000 … "

Reporter"This did not happen!"

Snyazhana"It happens. And I have no husband — a mother working day watchman. She promised 500, but do not pay. Child support this month gave 490 — the money is not enough. Power supply cut — were given 50 cans, and now at the fifteenth and instead started giving milk mixture … "

Reporter"Snyazhana and keep the animal?"

Snyazhana"A cow, a pig in the house. It had a lot of finish — shpaklyavali, and the floor painted. Had to select wallpaper — not identified. The roof leaks — in the hall, bedroom syrasts. We still normal — in the first house Poboleyut children, because all tsyakets! Snow ass up — there is a hole, and they are no plastered over. Will melt away — the house will flood. We brought the pipe thermal insulation of the boiler house — I say, why you do that? They say, according to the project — the street that they insulated? There is nothing to drown — there firewood? Two bags of briquettes left … "

Near the village council, clearly seeing the familiar from the publications of Mr. Gerd without stopping, flying chairman Dmitry Serdyukov. We're waiting for the bus, share with Nicholas travel experience.

Gerda"I am not the first time a social house. Court proceedings are second year. But the situation for those who live, remained awful — low temperature, syrasts … "

Reporter"The worst thing for the eyes can that the government steals from women for communal?"

Gerda"This is generally a separate conversation. Man gets 600,000 pension, 297,000 calculate for communal. Mud, cold, and stopped rags ventilation. This irresponsible attitude of top officials — deputy chairman of the executive committee of the trial, swore swore to "fix", and then the horror! "

Reporter"And with Vladimir Ostapenko — really the whole problem of 30-year-old" passport "of the case that the embassy does not issue a certificate?"

Gerda"He worked on the farm — had no right to take it, now is not receiving pensions. This bureaucracy is irresponsible and callous to treat people! "

Reporter"And Snyazhana with her child, which could bury a wall!"

Gerda"A situation where a single mother with a child kolkimesyachnym had to go to the executive committee and prove to came! And they were frightened by the fear of the election, when the president shouted — "we turn to face the power of the people." Outrage! "

Reporter"And then they talk about the success of the agricultural town in Malyatsichah …"

Gerda"Oh, and it was no success. Agro should be a place where people want to go. Salary according to the presidential decree, should be 400-420 dollars — two or three hundred million at the exchange rate. And then the bulk at 300-400 loose. 20 people of working age are forced to go homeless because there is no work … "

Reporter"Do not come to Molyatichi?"

Gerda"So, today, here missing their unemployed and homeless people …"

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