In one of the oldest canals of Canada documented cases of mass death of fish

Thousands of dead fish found on the surface of the water in the Rideau Canal (Rideau Canal) in Ottawa. Tourists and local residents complain of foul smell and speculate on the causes of the fish kill in the organization kanale.Federalnaya Parks Canada, which is responsible for the Rideau Canal, says that there is no reason to worry. The organization has received many calls from residents concerned about the situation around the canal at the loss of the fish. However, representatives of the organization say that the fish died of natural causes, not related to pollution, in particular the lack of oxygen in the water, which is typical for this time of year. Only the strongest individuals survive, say representatives of Parks Canada.

The Rideau Canal is the oldest continuously operating channels in North America. In summer time the channel is actively used for tourist purposes, and in winter this opens up a huge ice rink about 8 km.

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