In Primorye, stranding five-meter whale

May 31 five-meter dead whale found on the shore of a small bay of the village recreation staff Anna in Primorye. About the incident told the director of the institution Omelyanchuk Hope. This was the first time in the history of Russia. Scientists wonder: where did the whale mutant, and why he jumped ashore.

As told Omelyanchuk, early morning recreation managers reached the sea, and saw that the water near the shore lies belly-up some great big fish. At first they thought it was a shark. Sometimes they swim here in the summer. However, the locals said it was a whale, but rather, the minke whale.

Base staff immediately contacted the MOE and Rosprirodnazor to help in the removal of carcasses of whales, but there they were redirected to the administration of the nearby village of Livadia.

The administration, in turn, advised to contact the local fish factory. However, there is no director, he is busy at Putin. Omelyanchuk says that in the end, they were in a difficult situation. Own funds in order to bring the whale, they do not. It weighs 10.8 tons, the length of about five meters. But soon the carcass rot, and then the coastal strip in the area may be contaminated.

And while all this is decided, against the background of the deceased go whale photographed by local residents.

Author: Natalia Romanova

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