In Thailand, 17 hours was a downpour. Photos and Videos

PATTAYA, September 11 — RIA Novosti, Yevgeny Belenky. Tropical downpour, which lasted in the resort area of Thailand on the east coast of the Gulf 17 hours, ended around noon local time (09:00 MSK), on the streets of the resort town of Pattaya formed giant traffic jams, according to RIA Novosti.

Rain that turned many of the streets of Pattaya in shallow river with a strong current, stopped around noon. Above the town the sun is shining, the temperature is gradually increased, the rain has remained at 23 — 24 degrees. Most of the water glass from the streets to the sea for the first thirty minutes after the rain, but the water is still receding flood embankment (Beach Road), Second Street (Second Road), which runs parallel to the waterfront, and several streets perpendicular to them. Because of this, both on the promenade, and the adjacent central streets of the city formed a giant traffic jams.

Third Street (Pattaya Third Road), parallel to the second and the waterfront, also jammed with vehicles, since it has a low area, which has accumulated this amount of water that the cars are moving, immersed in it, "according to Time." Throughout the city there are cars stalled water from entering the exhaust pipe or electric motor wiring.

The end of the rain on the streets again drove motorcycles, taxis, which in the context of mass traffic jam falls main load carrying passengers that somewhere in a hurry: motorcycles can pass between standing in a traffic jam of cars and riders get to the desired point in minutes.

In addition to foreign tourists, mostly around the city on foot, by public transport and motorcycles, on Saturday and Sunday in Pattaya, next to Bangkok resort infrastructure, tens of thousands of people come to the capital. It is the capital cars are on the road most of Pattaya on Saturday and Sunday. With the commissioning of about ten years ago a six-lane highway between Bangkok and Pattaya travel time from the capital to the resort town at a distance of 140 kilometers was reduced to one and a half hours in heavy traffic.

Strong rains on Saturday and Sunday in the central, north-eastern and western provinces of Thailand. According to the National Weather Service "strong and very heavy rains" are now in the thirty-six of the 77 provinces.

The mountainous areas in the west, north and east of the country announced mudflow warning. Resort areas of Thailand, it is not affected.

Weather Service warned on Sunday morning, about two or three-meter waves in the Gulf of Thailand and offers to refrain from swimming, "at least until Tuesday."

Continuous heavy rain — anomaly even for the monsoon season, which peaks in Thailand has usually in August — September. This year the rains started earlier than usual, and during August and September precipitation well above normal for this period.

Anomalous precipitation twice YTD caused severe flooding in Thailand. In September, heavy rain for the first time this year, hit the north-western provinces of the country, threatening to flood the Thai capital, Bangkok. In case of an overflow mountain reservoirs located in Kanchanaburi province and supply Chao Phraya River and Bangkok's waterways, part of the city could be at half-meter layer of water.

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