In the 132 years died Khvichava antis.

Centenarians, more than once wrote about these amazing people on our planet. And the other day she died, which was 132 years. Antis Khvichava — a resident of the Georgian village Sachino survived two world wars, famine, but never lose heart …

If you have not read about one more centenarians who lived or slightly less than the Georgian grandmother,Ka-Nah-Be-Owey Wence , be sure to familiarize yourself with it

Khvichava antis who claimed that her 132 years, died in the Georgian village of Sachino a 47-year retirement. If it really was so old, it should be considered a record among centenarians.

Alas, although the birth certificate and passport indicate that Khvichava was born July 8, 1880, this is not the originals and copies. The originals long since lost, so in it the older man on the ground is impossible.

At the same time, science has no right to say that many can not live, for a maximum duration of life is not installed. According to the Gerontology Research Group, the oldest at the time of registration of such information, the person who passed away in 1798, was 103 years old, and the Frenchwoman Jeanne Calment, who had left this world in 1997 — already 122.

That this is done with these people? Nothing special. Researchers from the Medical College of. Albert Einstein of Yeshiva University (USA) showed last year that among people over 95 years of bad habits (smoking, alcohol consumption, poor diet, lack of exercise) occur at about the same rate as the general population. In other words, lie at the basis of longevity genes. And, of course, luck, thanks to which man for so many years, no one killed.

Of course, this does not mean that we should abandon a healthy lifestyle and adopt the doctrine of genetic fatalism. It is just that people like Khvichava (by the way, they say, she has not a day went by without ryumashke) have an extremely rare genetic protection before bad habits.

So everyone else who is not ready to play roulette with the fate remains moderate and healthy lifestyle. For example, it is seen that in the U.S. the second century punctually exchanges the Seventh-day Adventists. Gary Fraser of Loma Linda University and his colleagues have shown that among the followers of this religion spread vegetarianism, smoking and frequent consumption of nuts.

But the superstitious readers here we throw such a fact. The oldest inhabitant of the planet at the moment is officially recognized by American Besse Cooper of Georgia (Georgia, GA, capiche?). She was born August 26, 1896. She was 116 years old.



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