In the UK, students seize super lice

In the UK, students seize "super lice"In the UK, students seize "super lice" — not the most expensive means of helping
Lice have long been considered satellites of various social upheavals — wars, revolutions, and the Great Migration. However, British doctors with great concern the increasing incidence of head lice ascertain in the country, especially among schoolchildren.
The beginning of the new academic year was another reason for the headache, not only school doctors, but also parents of children — as a rule. It was in September in the UK marked the most massive head lice outbreaks among schoolchildren.

However, doctors are concerned not only the country's incredible growth in the number of "lousy" kids, although it is in itself shocking — so if in 1977 only 1.5% of children aged 4 to 11 years were attacked even lice once a year, in 2010, the number of victims of heinous bloodsuckers to 37%.

In addition, one of the early symptoms of head lice is itching at the insect bite, but now for some reason the kids do not feel the long presence of parasites on their heads.

"We found that 53% of children did not experience lousiness itching and scratching for a long time, though it has been affected by lice: in some cases the term habitat lice on children could be not only a week, but months", — informs the doctor, dermatologist Andrea Franks (Andrea Franks).

Physicians are also concerned about the fact that in many cases, even the most modern "proprietary" means are powerless in the tiny parasites.

Thus, recent research on the effectiveness of drugs commonly used to treat head lice showed that malathion was ineffective in 64% of cases. A "killer" once permethrin could not cope with lice in 87% of cases.

Just as bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics, lice have learned to stand up to even the most potent toxic chemicals.

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