In Yakutia came 50-degree frosts

Yakutsk, Dec. 1 — RIA Novosti. The air temperature in the north-eastern Yakutia on Wednesday night dropped to pyatidesyatigradusnoy mark, told RIA Novosti the national Department for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring.

According to the source, in the north-east of the country — in cities Oymyakon, which is considered one of the two poles of cold countries, as well as in towns and Yurts Seguin-Kyuel air temperature dropped to 50.2 degrees Celsius.

Although cold spells are common to several areas of Yakutia in late November and early December, but still a low thermal background, set in the present period, below the norm by 3-5 degrees, — the representative of management.

He added that the extreme cold established in Yakutia, because about a week republic is in the grip of cold anticyclone.

"In the next few days, very cold in Yakutia continue, and in the north-eastern areas of the country the temperature can drop to 50-52 degrees," — said the source.

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