Infiniti settled in St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg, the factory Nissan began SKD several models of Infiniti, so manufacturers can save customs duties. In addition, it will significantly expand the range of cars that will lead to an increase in production volumes.

Meanwhile, the current level produced by the vehicle is about twenty cars a day. According to the public relations coordinator for the plant, the introduction of the conveyor assembly of automobiles is not planned, despite the fact that the cars are in great demand.

The plant in St. Petersburg produces vehicles models Murano, X-Trail and Teana. By 2015 it is planned to increase production to one hundred twenty-five thousand, for which the company will invest more than one hundred and sixty million.

Meanwhile, representatives of the companies believe that the issue of Infiniti in Russia can become very profitable, as delivery vehicles from Japan is very expensive. Required car sets will be imported from Japan. In addition, the price of the model cars that will be produced in Russia, will be much more accessible.

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